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      '05 Solara Convertible & '07 ES350
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      Swapped out the battery on my 2000 Avalon in 2006 (age 7) just because the OEM
      battery in my '81 Celica finally died after 7 years.
      All you need to do is occasionally give your battery a trickle charge for a day or two, to get longest life out of them.
      (( What gets pulled from your battery by those little LED lights, and transistorized alarm systems is negligible. ))
      All my cars now fitted with inboard trickle charger from Harbor Freight LINK
      $15-$20 on sale, and $$ well spent.
    1. · Senior TN Member
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      I believe I've tried most things at this point withing my car knowledge. it cant possibly be compression related (I think) because the car ran good prior to all of this. I have fuel, spark, my engine turns & I have cranking power.. WHAT IN THE WORLD could be possibly be keeping it from turning on!?
      Please expand on testing procedure and results that lead you to conclude you have fuel, spark and cranking power?

      What brand ignitor?

      Get one of these, cheaper than new battery. Old one can still be saved.

      Don't replace perfectly working parts with brand-new perfectly working parts. Nothing will change because actual problem hasn't been identified. Pull every single fuse, measure its resistance and post list. Thx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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