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      The vibration may not be caused by the rotors. It's important to check the anchor pins and caliper piston for free movement. The Aisin brake system on these cars isn't the best.

      To avoid swapping out good, old rotors, they should be checked for runout and thickness variation.

      But most shops may not even have a machinist's dial:

      If you're putting new Wagners on old rotors that was using another pad material, then you should resurface the rotors. Ceramic pads are gentle on rotors, so this doesn't really affect much of rotor life. But Centric C-tek is soooo cheap resurfacing may not be worth your time. ;)

      Centric rotors should work great with any brake pad. They have the double-disc ground finish that helps break in the pads. Clean the rotors off with brake cleaner before using. Besides, the price is right. :lol: Just make sure you check the caliper hardware for free movement.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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