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  1. Political Thread

    Off Topic
    In my state the state parks are supported by those who use them thru hunting and fishing licenses, park usage fees (permits, or yearly sticker on your plate). The thinking behind it, was to let those who use them pay to do so. At least it covers all of the state costs, without having to dip into...
  2. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

    Off Topic
    We have that problem at my buddies cabin (no electricity). Coolers full of beer and ice, sometimes a cooler full of just ice. Just have to drink them quicker so they don't get warm on you. ;)
  3. Political Thread

    Off Topic
    Now the people of Ontario are picking on the son of Pierre Trudeau, and picking on him for doing the same thing Bill and Hillary did at Halloween while in college (but no mention of it). And also comparing him to groping Joe (although they prefer to mention Trump). Damn, doesn't any countries...
  4. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

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    30 by 30 is a pretty good size building (bigger than my 24 by 24 foot garage). I think he said he needed some electric, not electronic, and that could be produced by a solar panel and a couple of deep cycle marine batteries (since solar panels don't work at night). A large tub of water on a wood...
  5. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

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    A "feel good" story from the networks for a change.
  6. Discussion of Societal ills

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    Yeah, I saw that. Who would of thought so many would do NOTHING but Film it. In today's world, that's the new normal.
  7. Discussion of Societal ills

    Off Topic
    Absofuckinglutely. I definitely agree on that one.
  8. The WTF thread (NSFW)

    Off Topic So, if they were stumping for the Democrats, this wouldn't even be news right? And this all because some students decided to exercise their rights. It wasn't even during the game, but rather...
  9. The WTF thread (NSFW)

    Off Topic
    Ya gotta love Floriduh, getting pulled over at night on a bicycle without a headlight, and being put into the back of a police car. I guess it must have been on their "bucket list". ;)
  10. Motivational/Funny Pic/Vid Thread **NSFW**

    Off Topic
    So they didn't get arrested for drunk driving (ran off), but rather just had their shit taken away. Sounds like another normal day in Ohio. :rolleyes: :LOL:
  11. What a hard time we have with new TN site?

    Community Help
    Yeah, I've had to shut off everything to not get e-mails. However, I still have to toggle the follow/unfollow on new posts to NOT get any e-mails too. What a royal PIA this has become. Oh well, I'm working around it. Oh, and so the powers that be know, I'm still getting my weekly updates like I...
  12. 90 GTS Built for Oval Track

    Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    Man, what a run of bad luck on the parts car. Maybe it's trying to tell you it wants to be a race car. ;) I wonder if you couldn't weld in some plates to set the suspension bits where you want them (don't know IF it's within the rules). That would allow you to move the holes around, and correct...
  13. Discussion of Societal ills

    Off Topic
    Yeah, my wife and I raised our kids as little adults. Good or bad, I don't know, but then kids don't come with an owners manual. We could however take them any where, and they would behave, and not cause problems for us or the host. Is there a right way or wrong way to raise kids? IDK, but...
  14. Political Thread

    Off Topic
    Yeah I saw that earlier today. What a great Democrat role model. ;)
  15. Political Thread

    Off Topic
    That was exactly what I was trying to tell 98camryLE about Google being so large, and getting larger. Thanks for link though, as we know he prefers links. ;)
  16. Discussion of Societal ills

    Off Topic
    You know, I figured it to be the less than 33% cat. Just because of all the other crap going on in schools these days, and them trying to find teachers that actually teach students.
  17. Discussion of Societal ills

    Off Topic
    WTF people, can't anyone have a "normal" childhood any more without adding in a 3rd sex? What will happen in school in a few years, when some biased teacher decides for the child what sex it is, only for the child to change it's mind 4 or 6 years later?
  18. 2005 Toyota Highlander - Can I use the cigarette lighter to charge my battery?

    Off Topic
    In that case the OP might be better off wiring in a dedicated receiver to use as a charging port for his solar charger.
  19. Political Thread

    Off Topic
    And the Democrats didn't do a damn thing to stop it. Especially that large sucking sound after Bill Clinton signed NAFTA.
  20. Political Thread

    Off Topic
    If it wasn't for this site being powered by Google, I wouldn't be getting Honda ads on a Toyota site (which I get daily). If you don't think Google IS a monopoly, try and turn off every Google related item in both your lap top and your smart phone, and see how far you get. Not very, and not very...
1-20 of 200 Results