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  1. DIY Touch Screen Replacement 2018 TOYOTA C-HR

    Toyota C-HR
    issue solved!!
  2. Car won't accelerate, any ideas what the issue is?

    Celica Forum
    Got in a minor crash with my 2001 Celica a few weeks ago. Hood was caved in a bit and wouldn't open( I think my car went under the other)bumper had minor damage. 2 weeks later I just got my car back and drove it to work fine. But as I go to leave I find that the acceleration isn't working when I...
  3. DIY Touch Screen Replacement 2018 TOYOTA C-HR

    Toyota C-HR
    Has anyone replaced a touch screen? The display still lights up but doesn't respond to movement and is cracked. I'd like to replace the digitized screen but don't know the best place to shop for parts online and wanted to see if anyone had a success story of replacing on their own (versus the...
  4. Getting a corolla

    Corolla 8th Generation (1998-2002)
    Hello everyone, I am just about to buy my first car although it kind of looks the part of a junk-bucket. I am talking about the 5-door corolla 2002 with a 1.6l engine that boasts 110hp. I wish that at least the engine would give...
1-5 of 5 Results