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My 2005 Toyota Corolla that I have had since graduating high school back in 2007. Car currently has over 340k miles and still going strong. It is also my rallycross car.


Base model CE with 1ZZFE and C59 manual transmission.
Desperately needs and LSD
Still have my woodgrain NRG wheel and custom shift boot/knob set up. Only thing that has changed is that I stripped out most of the interior in the back. Car is now a 4 door two seater. I am planning on getting a proper bucket seat since I am having more and more issues staying put when on course.
This has mostly been unchanged, but it most likely to change in the summer of this year. I want to finally repaint the car and possibly apply a livery too.
Swapped out the old Altis grill for an eBay mesh grill and mounted a Land Cruiser TOYOTA emblem to the grill.
Another modification I did was cut the rear bumper to reduce some of the parachute drag.
Finally got a new head unit after my cheapo BOSS one cracked to pieces. Bought an Alpine iLX W650. Very nice unit and Android Auto is a game changer.
Headlights are still a fogged up mess, I really need to clean them up, but also thinking about getting some black housing XRS lights when I do bodywork and repaint the car.
Installed some nice wheel well rock crawler lights. Mainly for showing off during some late night races on track.
Lumen 18' LED Light Bar was added to the front, which is great for those super early drives to races at 4-5AM when out on the interstate.
Also after tearing out the interior, I had to replace my third brake light, so I bought an eBay special blinking brake light.
Redid the entire exhaust, installed a new high flow cat that goes into a Vibrant Performance resonator and ends with a Private Label MFG muffler. Seems to flow a lot better and is not as raspy in the higher revs. Really pleased with the set up. Also put a v-band on to make it easier to dissemble when I need to work on it, versus when it was just a solid straight pipe set up.
Suspension has seen a bit of changes, maybe not for the best. But I replaced the stock struts with maxPEEDING Rod coilovers. I know you get what you paid for, but they were on sale and cost me just over $150 for the entire set. The spring rate is much stiffer than stock, which helps with me not bottom out the struts compared to the OE. My only gripe is that the damper is non-adjustable. To my surprise they have handled the abuse pretty well. I have done well over 10 events on them and they have shown no signs of leaking or failure.
Another thing I did was disconnected the front sway bar from my suspension. The car has loved it on track. Daily driving I have barely noticed any increase in body roll. I have a Megan Racing strut bar on which helps minimize some of the roll.
I may also beef up the rear roll bar for a 24mm Progress Bar.
Wheel and Tire
I have upgraded my daily wheels to 17x7.5 +40mm Motegi MR141 wheels on some 215/45/17 Accelera Phi-R. Bought these since I have a set of steel wheels with used rally tires on, and a spare set of OE Subaru wheels for when I buy a new set of rally tires.


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