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Black with Red underneath
This car has a checkered history. It was purchased by my old Boss' wife. She owned it when it was new, and red. She got tired of it and that's when my old boss took possession. He had the car cheaply painted black by like Maaco or some discount place like that. A year or so later, my old boss totaled the car. Full on front end smashage. My old boss and a friend of his took the smashed hood off, flipped it upside down and jumped on it until it was relatively a hood shape again. He threw some bungiess on there to hold it down, and he continued driving the car anyways. He used it up and left it for dead. I started working for him while he was still driving it, the thing had a custom plate on it, and everyone in the downtown area know the car.. it has always been bit of a rock star, despite its obvious shortcomings. I purchased the car (******* shop inspectable) for $500. At the cars lowest point. I had it valued at $300 by the county tax assessor (I physically took the car to their office to appeal the valuation) it is currently valued @ $800 by the same assessor. This Tercel is in the best shape its been in since the wreck and I am retarded enough to keep going. I think mainly because I have spent so much time and money already getting it halfway back together, but also because I don't want to pay on a car loan. The really insane side of me likes the idea that I could do a motor swap and have this piece of crap leaving people wondering: "What the hell was THAT?" lol
1996 Toyota Tercel (Black with Red underneath)





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