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2010 Corolla Altis XRS in 5M
2020 Camry TRD / Tacoma TRD Sport
2020 Toyota Camry TRD
Restoration old school Ke70
Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Access Cab 4-cylinder
My first ride was given to me by my bro; a big green Ford Brougham LTD. That lasted for almost a year before deciding if I wanted to drive a boat, I should do it on the water so I got a money pit of a '69 2002. I went on to buy-repair-sell a series of rides that ranged from: 1970's bug, '76...
Its my first car, still tons of work to do but its coming together
A few little upgrades make it more fun to drive
Current upgrades Steel braided brake lines and a K&N filter
Bought 25 October 2019, Metallic Gray, 18" wheels, No Mods planned
She’s little dirty right now, but damn she looked good
Just a front and back side shot of my car. 08 Fiesta Red with 18% tints
2016, Scion TC. Last of her kind