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1990 Toyota Corolla fwd
Swapped over these 16”rims with runflats off of a 2017 Honda Civic hatch hybrid. Simple as changing a tire. Though don’t forget to add regular washers (1per lug) to he hub before putting the fronts on. Otherwise the caliper rubs.
2012 Camry SE custom
95 wagon 1mz e53 swapped microsquirt standalone
2009 = SUV. 2019 = Crossover. Why? Approach and departure angles. Measurable difference
Customized Toyota Highlander with Lift Kit, 20" wheels/tires
Hello, I have a 2007 Toyota Matrix XR 4speed automatic. My running lights aren't working but my hazard and blinkers do work. I check my DRL module and replaced for a new one from a 2003 Corolla S since they are almost the same I think. No luck.
Trying to go with a stock jdm look
11th Gen 2016 Corolla Sport Plus Manual Transmission
All stock except the grill
Just some simple engine mods to improve its boring looks.
2010 Corolla Altis XRS in 5M
2020 Camry TRD / Tacoma TRD Sport
Restoration old school Ke70
Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Access Cab 4-cylinder
My first ride was given to me by my bro; a big green Ford Brougham LTD. That lasted for almost a year before deciding if I wanted to drive a boat, I should do it on the water so I got a money pit of a '69 2002. I went on to buy-repair-sell a series of rides that ranged from: 1970's bug, '76...
Its my first car, still tons of work to do but its coming together