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Indigo Ink Pearl
This vehicle was purchased brand new by my mother in December 2004. It is stunningly well kept and clean. It only has ~108,000 miles on it. (This is a 14 year / 5 month old car. At that age, a car driven 12,000 miles a year would be at approx. 174,000 miles.)

My last three vehicles have been brand new, and just under $30k, except for one, which was $33k. Needless to say, this is a huge adjustment. My mother wanted a new car, and we simply traded, so she now has my 2016 Accord. It's not just a feature adjustment - it's also a size adjustment - I'm 6'1" & 240 lbs. But it's tolerable.

The toughest adjustments are the lack of hands-free entry & push-button start, the rear drum brakes, and the lack of alloy wheels.
2005 Toyota Corolla (Indigo Ink Pearl)


No Modifications
*Stupid clean, because my 67-year old mother bought the vehicle brand new, and there isn't so much as a smudge on the headliner. It feels like
a trip back in time just to sit in the car because of how clean it is.
*15% Tint All Around (Only about 4 years old - perfect condition.)
*LED replacements for Map Lights, Overhead Light, & Trunk Light
*Minimal Hail Damage (Barely noticeable)
*Headlamps are yellowed beyond repair. I hope to find some good advice in this forum on aftermarket headlamp replacements. Not because I'm trying to "pimp out" this old ass car (impossible) but because I need my headlamps to pass through clearly.
*Factory Speakers
*2012 Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS Head Unit
-6.1" Touchscreen
-Bluetooth Audio, including mic for in-vehicle calls
-Wired for SiriusXM, including Sirius module & antenna, but service is currently inactive
-Soon to be replaced with the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX flagship unit.
-Not going to bother moving my 12" JBL subwoofer from my previous vehicle (2016 Honda Accord EX) because I'm not dumping money into this relatively short-term vehicle. The upgraded AVH-4500NEX upgraded head unit I will take with me when I sell the car.
-Planning to put some mid-range (sub-$150 front and rear speakers in with the new head unit. Rear 6x9s should provide enough bass.)
No Modifications
Wheel and Tire
Stock 15" Steel Wheels w/factory hubcaps


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