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Corrolla All Trak
Fire engine Red
Cassette deck w rear speakers, Woopy-to-doo !!
Originally a Toy dealer sold it to freinds of mine in Seattle. They out grew it in 2000 and sold to me. I bought it with 80K in 2000. At 225K it is just now burning about 1/4 quart every 3K miles but emissions are still amazingly low. I try to change the oil every 2.5- 3K sometimes more frequently but add my own Dupont PTFE powder to the last quart and make my own Slick 50-home hooch'. I try and change every fluid I mean every fluid at least every two years always with the best synthetics. I change the brake and clutch cylinder fluid q year w/ dot 4. Rear wheel cylinders and L front caliper are original. I rebuilt the R caliper myself. New master cylinder prob could use a booster. Stupid exhaust manifold has a crack in it, poor design cuz it was a warranty issue way back when new. I just put my second timing belt in it , this time with a tensioner and waterpump sold as a kit. The Dayco belt was really thin and wimpy looking so at the last moment i used a German belt distributed by Continental, that look very 'gut'. Just Dec 014 i took it to Az from Boise along I-93 m the Great Basin Highway which i have done every year to visit my now deceased parents. I have lots of tips and ideas on how to keep old cars alive being that I have always been a tight wad since starting a family... and now approaching retiring. Engine is still uber strong and will cruz at 70 all day long in 5th but the stiff ride on pissy Idaho roads makes for a tip toppy ride so i keep it at 60- 65...yea it is slow but I have worked as an ICU nurse and have seen waaay to much.
1988 Toyota Corrolla All Trak (Fire engine Red)


1600 double overhead cam 16 valve EFI. Stock ND plugs squared up gapped and cleaned yearly.
Thule roof rack and wind deflector.
Optional AM- FM Panasonic Cassette Deck...just now shorting out occasionally
Stock w/ KYB shocks in the rear. Just had the front wheel brearings/ front checked out and they seem tight which is amazing...cuz they and the tie rods are stock with out any grease fittings...bummer no fittings!
Wheel and Tire
Stock, 175/ 75/13s , thinking of putting 14s on it. to up tire diameter and mileage.



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