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Speedway Blue - 8P1
Purchased from a nice lady so-far south in Idaho, it might as well have been Nevada. It was well-maintained and completely rust-free.

Within the first few weeks it was repainted 8P1 (Toyota Speedway Blue) and I added the 15" American Racing 'Estrella' and 195-50/15Toyo Proxes tires.

Later that year I added a strut tower brace and KYB GR2 struts/shocks. (The driving difference with the low-profile tires, new struts/shocks and the brace was astounding! Much more-fun than a stock Tercel!)

The next year I added seats from a Paseo. They are not only sportier, but more-importantly they give an extra bit of headroom (a little over an inch) which was important to my 6'3" self...

When I put the seats in I also added a new Pioneer head unit and four 6.5" speakers. 2-ways in the front door and 3-ways in the rear deck. I also added a carbon-fibre looking shift knob just for style.

In preparation for the engine swap I installed a Tercel 'Big Brake' kit ... ie: Rotors and caliper brackets from a Paseo. They're only 11" but they give a HUGE performance advantage over the 10" rotors that came stock with the Tercel. I upgraded to stainless steel lines and ceramic pads as well.

The exhaust was added as the turbo needs to breathe - 2.5" cat back with a resonator and high-flow muffler.

I purchased a 4E-FTE with about 70,000 km on it and swapped it in. I had the wiring harness from both engines sent to Florida and a very skilled fellow named Trevor built me a plug-n-play harness for my 4E-FTE Tercel.

Ran into a few problems with the swap - I somehow misplaced the ECU and had to buy a new one. Also, the MAP sensor didn't come with my engine, so I had to source one of those as well. The TPS had issues so I purchased another one of those also... But in the end, we got it all working.

It's now running 11psi of boost and is a fun little car.
1991 Toyota Tercel (Speedway Blue - 8P1)


4E-FTE (EP82) JDM 1.3L Turbo Engine
Boost Controller
Apexi Air Intake
Strut tower brace
Momo 'Race' Wheel
Paseo Seats
Paseo Centre Console
Blue-Flame floor mats for added boost

(Ignore the missing door handle in the third pic, my son is playing with painting things ...)
8P1 Speedway Blue Paint, including bumpers and body-side mouldings.
Pioneer Premier deck (from 10 years ago now)
Pioneer two-way 6.5" in front doors
Pioneer three-way 6.5" in rear deck
KYB GR2 Shocks/Struts
Wheel and Tire
American Racing 15x7 'Estrella' Rims
Toyo Proxes 195/50-15



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