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Camry SE
grey/sliver with paint fading off
bought for 500 bucks from a friend he said it had a blown head gasket... turned out to be head gasket and rod knock. so started the full rebuild car had 125k miles not bad for a camry i though but this car was serously abused so i had to bring her back to life again... so after lots of free machining and 2500 in parts at cost. she lives again for 800 miles and then get totaled by some dumb chick talking on her cell phone and turns left into the rear quarter so shes dead again lol so i brought her back with 1100 to the insurance company w/salvage title and 8o dollas in suspension parts and a big dent left behind from dumb chick .... but i got 4500 from insurance cus i had all my respiets for parts!
93 Toyota Camry SE (grey/sliver with paint fading off)


full engine and trans rebuild, engine was build to have higher compression with the possiablity of nitrous or supercharger... have m90 already dont know if i care to do the work to put it on...
has all the free mods, acis mod, advanced timing, leaned afm cog, and cut air box...
and just made stock shifter into short throw shifter today....
is that ugly brown but am slowly converting to black when ever i find good parts it needs work...
painted front grill flat black and have clear signals and corners
pioneer head unit with polk fronts and rockford rears and a 10in sub...
stock with all new bushings up front new struts and one control arm in rear ... looking to upgrade springs and struts soon just cant deside which ones...
Wheel and Tire
some kmc rims that i hate cus the fronts are 15in and rears are 16in and it sucks buying tires for them lol



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