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General Information

Dark Blue
Previously owned by a car enthusiast, this corolla AE101 has some mysterious, yet very tasteful mods. The engine feels like it's just been driven out of the showroom, no clicks and a healthy sounding hum. The throttle response is exceptionally quick with a slightly rich fuel/air ratio, and the gears are closely laid out, all to provide maximum performance, and sitting on some lowered Lovells springs.
It was bought by one of my best mates' dad as a cheap and reliable run around. It was passed down to my mate as a car to learn in and drive with his new licence for a while. He liked it yet did't see much in it. I decided to buy it from him for a very cheap $2500 with 203,000kms on the odometer. The first day I owned it I was in love. Having owned a 2003 Lancer and 1997 Camry this was something of its own league. Within the first 6 months of owning it I had done around 20,000kms already. I had bought and Nissan 180SX during the ownership but it still didn't put a smile on my face as much as the Corolla did. Getting used to the driving physics and learning new things constantly has been the thrill of owning this majestic car to this day. Confidently cruising through the hills and suburbs of Perth has built a special bond; I know the car more than anyone else, the car and I are one. As for further mods, I have many plans to come.
1997 Toyota Corolla (Dark Blue)


Recently rebuilt 4-AFE
Upgraded injectors
Tightened gear ratios
Red LED dash cluster lights
Aftermarket head unit
600W subwoofer with amp
Lovells springs
Wheel and Tire
WRC 17" rims
205/45ZR16 tires all round



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