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Black Sand I think that's what its called
This car was passed down from my grandparents to me and my twin brother when we turned 16 (we're 17 now). I knew I would have to drive this and realized that I don't really want to drive around in a stock car. I wanted to stand out from the usual high school crowd at least. Plus I've always been into modding things like bikes and toy cars and trucks since I was little so I thought maybe I'll try modding this and learn some new things along the way. Me and my brother mostly split the cost for every mod that goes on this car, but I'm the one that installs the mods and works on the car. I'm also the one who usually showcases it for the car scene although he does too at times.
2010 Toyota Corolla (Black Sand I think that's what its called)


Takeda Short Ram Air Intak and a painted engine cover lol
Not much done to the inside but air fresheners lol
I'll do the list from first mods to most recent ones.
1). Drag Dr-33 wheels 17x7.5 with a 40 or 45 mm offset I cant really remember, I hated these lol they didn't fit right at all.
2.) Borla exhaust, just the axle back tho
3.) Spyder LED Tailights
4.) Window Tint 35% Front two windows and 20%on all the back ones
5.) New Brights Cree LED Lightbulbs (These sucked they broke after about 3 months) I think the color temp was 6400k
6.) Spyder Headlight housing with the LED strip
7.) XenonDepot HID Lightbulbs 6000k (These are bright and actually last lol)
8.) Rear lip spolier for the trunk
9.) Fog lights with yellow film and Hella Extreme yellow bulbs
10.) Megan EZ Street Coilovers ( I had tried to get these like 4 or 5 months prior but it was on back order and winter came)
11.) ESR SR05 Dubai Gold wheels 18x9.5 ET 35mm
That's it so far!
We had one 12" Polk sub with an Alpine Mrv- 500 Amp that we took out because the sub keeps blowing and we don't feel like buying another one and figuring it out right now.
Megan EZ Street Coilovers
Wheel and Tire
ESR SR05 Dubai Gold Wheels 18x9.5 with a 35mm offset. The Tires I have are Continental Extreme Contact DSW 225/40ZR18. My fenders are rolled and only alittle bit of rubbing occurs.



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