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4n7 "Sable Pearl"
. Purchased in July 2016 from a friend who kept it in storage as a backup car. Vehicle had new tires, new battery, a bigger than expected oil leak, worn front & rear struts, a shattered rear bumper, crinkled front bumper, crinkled/blistering front fenders & blistering paint/hail damage on the hood. The stereo also had issues that needed ironing out. I'm trying to fix it all up, in that order, while I learn as much as I can about these Gen 4 Camrys my relatives are raving all about.
1999 Toyota Camry "Ugly Duckling"


. Stock, 2.2L 5s-fe engine, A140e Automatic Transmission. I found very large oil leaks at both ends & across the back of the valve cover, and where the lip of the oil pan meets the rear main seal, (the valve cover leak was sealed with a new gasket and black gasketmaker rtv and sealed oil pan leak by modifying totally flat surface of oil pan lip that follows the engine block below the rear main seal, and throughly gluing oil pan in place with only black, gasketmaker rtv, -no pan gasket-, and a new set of oil pan bolts after rtv dried. Engine hasnt leaked oil for 85,000+ miles since). I replaced leaking radiator with a 2 row welded aluminum racing radiator, and replaced both engine & transmission with very low mileage units after I replaced all fluids, belts, seals, gaskets water pump & torque converter in them, after previous engine's water pump failed, (& drove for several miles without coolant) but replacement transmission still doesn't feel as responsive as original transmission did when original transmission had more than triple the miles? My average mpg dropped to 22-24mpg with the replacement transmission & now I'm confused. I have to put A LOT of miles on this car, so how do I fix that?
. Nothing special, oem everything, except for that CD player someone else attempted to install, I restored the OEM Keyless entry/alarm system, disconnected the Daytime running lights to help the headlights last longer & gradually replacing all the door handles & speakers.
. Ugly duckling when I bought it, & it needs help. (new bumper, new hood, much brighter headlights & new front fenders!)
I REALLY wish I could find some OEM style fog lights for it though! (or find a JDM front bumper with built-in foglights!)
. Somebody did a sloppy install of some Panasonic head unit that wasn't hooked to the speakers right. I removed that, restored the wire harness back to stock & put a used OEM head unit back in, complete with a skipping CD Player, and a quirky volume control. Still seeking a refurbished one, modified with Bluetooth & mp3 inputs, or an oem-styled, double-din, LCD unit with CD/mp3 player, Bluetooth and all the latest features.
. Had to replace nearly all dashboard and console light bulbs (now I wish I went full LED!) Still hoping to retrofit OEM style fog/driving lights to it!
. Replaced whole exhaust with OE style Walker exhaust kit from ebay.
. Nothing special, OE KYB struts all around, & Moog bearings/sway bar hardware, polyurethane bushings, & new rear wheel bearings.
Wheel and Tire
. Nothing special, OE Style everything


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