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Dark Emerald Pearl
LE V6, Sunroof, Cloth interior
Manufactured 12/1991 and sent to El Paso, TX where my grandmother bought it brand-spankin-new. It was on the showroom floor, specially optioned with the sunroof but the purchaser backed out for some reason at the last minute. It was the only specially optioned LE they had at this dealership at the time, which is why it was in the showroom.

The car was maintained well by my grandmother for most of it's life. In 2010, my grandmother had to have a hip replacement and was unable to drive for quite some time. The car sat in her driveway, not under the carport like usual, due to the fact that her front door was in the carport and we needed the access build a temporary ramp and manuever her wheelchair. Car sat for 9 months, baking in the hot Texas sun, her already aged paint beginning to age and oxidize more rapidly from the heat.

At some point 9 months after the injury and surgery and still in the recovery process, my grandmother allowed my deadbeat cousin to come and live with her, and he was also carless. Of course, he started to drive the impeccably maintained auto and wasnt very diligent on the maintenance, himself.

Needless to say by the time my Grandmother realized what he had done, the car needed some help. She ended up kicking him out in 2012, and was by that point well enough to drive as well. But she didn't want to bother with the car anymore after everything that he did or didn't do.

At the same time I had discovered that a car deal I made was a total farce and the car was actually repod by a title loan company, so I needed another car. My grandmother offered this Camry if I went to El Paso to get it.

She bought a 2012 Camry XLE.....but now wants to trade for a new Avalon instead. I cant say I blame her. That new Avalon is one sharp car....
1992 Toyota Camry (Dark Emerald Pearl)


3VZ-FE. Not a speed demon, but so damn turbine smooth!
Replaced miscellaneous components that were worn and broken.
Going to paint it this summer......same color. I actually like the color.
Will be replacing shocks/struts
Wheel and Tire
I like the stock stuff



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