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Camry Hybrid
Magnetic Gray
Japan assembled car, produced Dec '06 so it escaped most of the squeaks and rattles that plagued most '07s. Also, this year had leather steering wheel and shift knob, dual zone Automatic climate control and power driver seat, JBL stereo standard.
As of Feb 2019:

Purchased new in January '07. Brakes have never been done, which is pretty amazing when you consider that every time I go to a store or anything I have to descend down a mountain 1000' descent. Original Hybrid battery as of Feb 19. 160K miles. Just replaced original 12v, that's 11 years 3 mo. (Production date of 11/15/2006 for the battery.)

Only repair previous to battery problems was the ABS accumulator, which was a no cost repair under the extended warranty campaign, at 102k miles. Needs new driver's sun visor though.

Has had 2 minor and one major car accident. Got rear ended twice, the 2nd time was severe impact from SUV, and was almost $7k to fix including minor frame straightening, new floor in trunk, new trunk lid but they were able to straighten out the rear 1/4 panels. Happened in 2013 when book value was $12k or so. Almost totalled, but it was carefully restored to like new, and you would never know. The other rear impact was about a 10 mph bump when I braked for a yield sign and the guy behind me was to busy to notice. I also drive into a lamp post once while backing up, and scratched and creased the left rear 1/4 panel.

Oh, and I once impacted an entire semi tire tread that had just flown off a truck, when I was going 80 mph. Broke the front bumper cover, dislodged the right front undershield and broke loose another under car access panel, that sits under the passenger seat. The tread went under the entire car, and got run over by 3 of my wheels. That was a $700 ish repair, so I had to eat that one. Oh yeah, and when the car was 1 year old road debris broke the windshield and I had to either wait for weeks to get a noise absorbing windshield or get it fixed today with a standard windshield. It made the car noisier inside and the damned thing won't break, no matter how many pebbles I hit on the freeway. (I reconsider keeping my glass waiver every time I renew my insurance, but you know what would happen.)

Come to think of it has been the most accident prone car ever, and for some reason collects more parking lot door dings than any car I've owned. Had them all taken out at a paintless dent removal place, but it has 3 or 4 again. It seems to have something to do with the paint color camouflaging the actual distance before impact. If only everyone were as conscientious as myself.

Original struts all around, and none of them leaking. This is a Japan built car and was assembled in Dec. of 06. It hasn't even needed an alignment. AC just as cold as ever.

All in all a very good car, that only falls short of my Lexus ES in the seat comfort and engine noise departments.

Averages 33 lifetime mpg with best tank of 52.8 MPG on a west coast sightseeing trip when the car was almost new. Worst tank of 21.7 winter 2018/19 with no traction battery and bad 12v, a dirty air filter, and original spark plugs. I bet that's going to be the worst ever for the rest of the car's service life.

I'd also like to point out that driving around the western states, I still get 34 to 37 mpg driving 85 mph. On a recent 700 mile round trip I got 31 mpg even without an operable traction battery. As indicated by speedometer, which is accurate, and the cars trip computer.
2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid (Magnetic Gray)


I replaced the spark plugs and transmission fluid. I also washed the dust off the engine once.
Extra napkins in console pocket. Change added to coin drawer. Auto dimming mirror. (Worth it.)
I haven't even waxed it. Has the rear bumper applique, which was a waste of $40. (Bumper covers get repainted every few years anyway.) Body side mouldings. That's it!
JBL. I'm a bit disappointed with the high end sound reproduction and stereo separation, but it does loud well, with tight bass. I like the 6 disk CD player. My 22 year old Lexus has a better stereo.
Works great still, but I would like to improve the cornering, it's really the only thing about the car I find unacceptable.
Wheel and Tire
Second set of wheels for winter tires. Makes a huge difference, and can change myself each Nov and April.


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