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faded red you could say orange
beat to hell custom body and frame work
i traded a '94 honda civic that was my first car for this truck the honda was totaled ran in to 2 trees at about 50mph the truck was slammed to the ground when i got it you couldn't stick a small bic lighter under the leaf springs and we just cant have that
1994 Toyota hilux (faded red you could say orange)


22re stock every thing but not in very good shape the kids that had it before me have tore the truck to hell i got it as close to safe as possible it runs good when it wants to its a 94 so it is efi and it is a 5 speed very fun truck 2wd so it cant go every where but i live in ohio so i can go any where i need to that all that maters
almost all stock except a few things like alpine head unit mtx 10's in a box behind the seat hurst shifter knob some bitch punched my dash so also some custom work goin on there steering cover is ripped out and same with the ignition when i got it you had to start it with a screw driver now it is converted to a few toggle switches and a push button start
that custom beat to hell package very beat up im not sure all the history but i know it was totaled at least one time the driver side door and corner of bed were caved in so much the window wouldn't come down and that as well just wouldn't do
2 mtx subs in a box alpine stereo also the driver seat of my honda is mounted in the front of the bed with a 5point racing harness to hold you in on those wild rides
what i would call scary rusted frame no rear shocks kids put drop blocks on it for what i would imagine a few years those are now gone it sits about 30' all the way around give or take a half inch from front to back
Wheel and Tire
stock jeep 5 lugs painted flat black 15' and a set of 225-75r15 avenger r/ts just a little more of that beat to hell customs haha


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