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Brought a standard '05 Vitz Jap import. I've only owned it for about 3 months and love it. Vitz is a 1 litre 1KE-FE married to a super cvt-i trans which I really like as its fuel efficient and quite zippy. I originally brought it to tidy up and sell, now that's a different story all together and think I'm going to keep it as I'm going to have a lot of fun along the way, making it my own and a bit different from the rest:)

Its got the factory smart key system and push button start which is great, halogen headlamps which are going to be replaced with Genuine Toyota HID headlights, front and rear seats car going to be replaced with charcoal black seats from the RS,
2005 Toyota Vitz (Silver)


1 litre 1KR-FE engine hopefully soon to be fitted with 1.5L 1NZ-FE (if all goes to plan)
Shiny black surrounds from the Vitz RS installed around the a/c controllers and navi.

Rubber gear knob replaced with a Leather one from an RS version as well as the leather steering wheel from the same model.

Genuine Toyota air purifier plasmacluster fitted (very rare accessory to come by on Vitz) I was lucky to even come across one in "like new" condition. I removed the original centre courtesy light between the front and rear seats. I mounted the bracket to the ceiling, wired it in, looks and works perfectly.
Originally Vitz only came out with the turn signals in the mirror in late 2007 so I wanted to make mine look the same. So I went down the dismantlers and picked up x2 Genuine Toyota wing mirrors in silver, with integrated turn signals. Once I got home it took anywhere between 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 to fit and connect these new mirrors as I had to remove both door cards, swap the base of the mirrors and rewire them both into the fender turn signals which I'm going to eliminate by changing both fenders with no turn signal lamp.
Toyota voice navigation unit installed in place of the basic factory radio. Toyota voice navigation unit installed in place of the basic factory radio.
Wheel and Tire
Standard 14" steel wheels at the moment. Looking for some nice looking RS or Axio Alloys to fit.


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