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General Information

Echo Coupe
Electric Green Mica
Pretty basic. AC and PS options when new.
Went 320,000 as my dads commuter before I took over. Never really looked back, even when the opportunity to move on came about.
2000 Toyota Echo Coupe (Electric Green Mica)


The original engine went out at 475k, replaced with an xB unit with 35k. Still have it in folks spare garage, though.

-Ralco RZ short-throw shifter with Torque Solutions shift-cable bushings
-4-2-1 header and Agency Power lightweight pulley off CL
-1ZZ-FE throttle body from a '98-'02 Corolla.
-Winter intake is gutted airbox with Spectre duct run to behind driver headlight, with dryer duct directing air from lower grill for cooler air. Piece of cardboard to slightly block some of the radiator heat from soaking (sorta works). Summer intake I have a Scion xB AEM CAI, but need an air filter at some point.
-Looped the throttle-body coolant lines so no more hot throttle body in the summer.

It's not pretty, so no pics... not that any of it would be hugely obvious anyway, unless you're a smog tech.

Also a TRD axle-back off an xA for a bit of extra growl. No real power added, per se, but it still runs to 60 in the same time as they did brand new... never expected big gains, and still don't. Would love to get a piggy-back just to see what little bit could be seen from bolt-ons and tweaks. The prospect of Prius high-compression is also titillating.
-Scion xA front seats (converted passenger seat to fold forward for coupe body; retain storage bin)
-xA center console w/ebrake handle
-TRD leather-wrapped shiftknob (light, but feels alright)
-red tape stripe around shifter base (thought about making my own gated shifter)
-"Red" speedometer needle out of a 2000-ish Corolla (it's sorta faded so it's kinda pink)
-Clean-white LED's for the HVAC panel and gauge cluster
-Intermittent windsheild-wiper switch swap from a Suzuki SX4 sedan (2003-2008 Corolla would be preferred, since it's the correct gloss of black).

Would still like the Corolla/Matrix/Celica/MRS leather wrapped wheel.
-"Two tone" black and silver tail-light housings (just some semi-gloss and reflective-silver Krylon)
-Red tape grille accent (think GTi) and Toyota badge in left-hand side of grille
-Light yellow foggies (just an Autozone brand)
-Shaved B-pillar decals off
-Lower gray valences painted semi-gloss black
-Can run steelies which usually rock beauty rings and white letters.
-LED turn signals front and rear

Planning to try 2006 Scion xA door mirrors for the larger mirror surface and integrated turn signals. Motors won't work, but they won't get out of place in car washes. Probably going for black or gun-metal when I buy them.
That's what all the engine and suspension mods are for. I'm not here to drive a home theater.
-Eibach Sportline spring made for the xA gave ~2" drop, and more composed transitioning in turns
-Energy Suspension poly end-link bushings
-Hotchkis strut tower brace found from an xB Craigslist wreck.
-TRD rear sway bar from Scion xA, but ad to drill into Echo torsion beam to install.

Have Scion xA/xB 25mm front sway (Echoes up to August 2000 had a 22mm front sway, though later Echoes may have had the 25mm standard) and full Energy Suspension poly bushings waiting for install, as well as 2006 Scion xA loaded-beam rear axle also waiting for install.

Want to move up to Koni STR Orange shocks/struts, Whiteline front suspension bushings are also on the table.
Wheel and Tire
195/60 General Altimax HP tires on Miata hollow-spoke 14x6's (10.8lb versus stock 14lb wheels, whether the steel wheels or option alloys). Steel wheels usually rock beauty rings and white letters... new tires needed, and I have 15x6's off an xB waiting in the wings for the same treatment... heavy, but they look good on there.



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