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General Information

I bought this truck on Craigslist in October 2016.
I have never owned a Toyota before, but wanted an inexpensive ride that did not take a lot of expensive maintenance. So I got online and asked what would be a good pickup to buy, and the answer came back a resounding Toyota pickup between 1988 and 1995, 4 cylinder. I drove from Ashland, Oregon to Remond, Oregon and bought it. I am glad I did. Paid $3,500. for the truck.
1994 Toyota Pickup (White)


Stock but purrs like a kitten. Lots of cleaning.
Again lots of cleaning. Took the seat and carpeting out of the truck. Washed the carpet with soap and water and a strong spray from a garden hose. Repaired the dash that had been cut so a radio would fit. Put it back to stock and reinstalled the radio. Took the dash apart and cleaned and cleaned. Dash and headliner in excellent shape. I will have the bench seat reupholstered. Found a double map light out of a 94 4 runner in a wrecking yard and installed it with LED lights.
Did not modify the truck other than removing lots of dirt and mud from the other owners 4 wheeling.
Brought the finish back by using a Random Orbital buffer and Meguiars Ulitmate Compound. Then finished it off with Meguiars Mirror Glaze No. 7. I polished the rocker panels like a mirror and used Meguiars Ultra Black to protect them. That seems to keep them from streaking. I also changed the dull headlights and while the grill was out I repainted it.
Just a regular radio.
Straightened out the front end by adjusting the front torque rods the same. Tried to take the lean out of the back by installing another leaf spring. Did not work. It still sits 1-1/2" lower on the drivers side? I did have the idle arm replaced.
Wheel and Tire
It came with 30x9.5 R15 tires. They are old and hard as a rock. I plan on replacing them this year.
The 15" wheels are aluminum and very nice.



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