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I was 16 when everthing started and am now 17, evrthing happend with a year and a half. I got the seqoia with a blown head gasket. perivious owner kept running it on high temps, he tired upgrading the Radiator, installed a new water pump and a bunch of other stuff. little did he know that it was just the fan clutch. When I recived the car, it was smokeing white very bad. It was the first time that i got to work on my own car. I first gave it a wash, and a small wax. then my father and I got to change the head gasket. on the way to doing that, my dad got stuck on the fact that the seqoia has that auto start function. the one when you dont have to keep holding the key on the start position and push it once and the car would start. He though the starter was broken so after all the head gaskets and stuff, we also got a new started. We did have one bump though. After installing the new headgasket, while tightening the camshafts, we tried turning the cam and snaped it. We were one day away from starting the car... But then i did the mistake of buying a head from a junkyard and put the cam from that on to the seqoia. that being said, the car ran good for a while. the only real problem was the check engine light and the strange clicking noise it made at high rpms. So i drove the car for a while from school to home and vise versa. Oneday though, some lady with a red kia cut me off. I was ferious, so when i got the opening, i toyed with her. i braked to let her pass, then would stomp on it as soon as she was going to make the chage. i did that like 5 or 6 times. IT WAS HILLARIOUS, the lady was yelling at me from her car, but I didnt care at that moment. i parked at my school and saw something stange with the car. the rpms were not stable. They kept on jumping and going down, I also lost all braking abilites. I was scared, so i showed my dad. i had recognized, but didnt take into account, the loud vacume sound. So my dad sprayed starter fluid around the intake gasket and the rpms just jumped. I BLEW MY STUPID INTAKE GASKET. So my dad was laughing at me for being an idiot and told me he would not help this time, only guide me in the right direction. it was hard but i did it, and changed the intake gasket. but i gotta say. THOSE TWO STUPID, STUPID ENGINE MOUNTS AND EXTREMEMLY STUPID AND MISS PLACEDDDDDD. while changeing the head gasket, my dad wanted to do a compression test. All of the left pistons gave around 160 psi. but three form the right were toubling. The right rear gave only 55 psi. we knew the engine was gone but i still drove it. While working on the intake gasket though, i lost like 3 coil packs. It was stupid but i had to use the old ones with cracks and stuff. the engine ran like shit. around 1.5k rmps, it would shake the car horrifyingly so i would have to drive with over drive off to keep the rpms higher then 1.5. then i got a BMW, sold that and got a imprza, and put down the seqoia. while driving the imprza, i decided to do an engine swap. I baught an engine from california for 800 and got it shipped to virgnia beach for 200 hahaha. The engine swap was really easy and now I want to make it my daily and put some modifications on it, ultimitally put a turbo and run 8psi of boost. i did the engine swap as a 17 year old and was extremely happy with my self. and i dound the 3 coil pacs on the way... i did make one big mistake thoug, while installing the flywheel to the other engine. Insted of putting one spacer plate on the front and back, i put them both on the rear and the first time i started the engine, it crated a orrifying screaching noise. It was grinding against the engine, so I pulled the transmission back and fixed the probem, it took me a whole day though.
2003 Toyota seqouia (Gray)



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