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Pickup (Hilux)
In 1994 my father needed a vehicle to get him back and forth to work (Navy). He found a wrecked Toyota pickup with around 150,000. Throughout the next 6 or 7 years ( and two ford trucks, two pontiacs, one chevy truck, two nissan pickups, and one dodge pickup, and a jeep) this little red Toyota pickup never stopped. Dad lent it out to one of his friends for a short time as well as my uncle twice when their vehicles quit on them, and he always got it back. Three Blown head gaskets (first one the result of a blown rad. hose & overheated, second one the result of cheap replacement headgasket, third one the result of me being stupid with it when i was in highschool :/ ), being the only major repairs its had in its now 330,000 mi. 25 year old life. My family now has three camry's and two toy trucks . I like to think of this truck as the vehicle that saved my family any more suffering at the hands of crappy vehicles, lol. After the Last head gasket blew in '08 dad didnt need it any more so he just let it sit until finally in '11 I decided that i enjoyed working on engines and whatnot I asked him if i could have it if i got it back on the road rather than him take it to the crusher. So now its mine, i was four when he bought it for 400 dollars. I am now 21 years old and was able to get it put back on the road legally for not much more than that and keep the legendary beast rolling.
1987 Toyota Pickup (Hilux) (Red)


Its a stock 22R.
I had some rust holes in the floor board on the driver side, we fixed the biggest part of it by just cutting them out and welding something in there. The seat looks like crap but as long as you wear pants there not too bad.
It isnt much to look at now but i have priced what the two front fenders, hood, and OEM parking lights will cost at at around $350. So hopefully it wont look like this forever. The beds not in horrible shape, it does have some holes but nothing a little sanding and bondo or even replacement panels cant fix. Unfortunately i am nooo body man, lol so these parts of the truck are likely to be the last to get fixed.



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