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Corolla DX
Bought from a young lady at NC Sate University June 2012 with 108k miles. No collisions or MVAs, one dent on driver, rear wheel well. Original owner replaced clutch before selling to the young lady 4-5 years prior to my purchase. Claimed to have gotten 30+ mpg in the city, after a basic tuneup she attains 34 mpg highway.

She runs smooth and like a kitten, creating little noise, and has no leaks of any kind. She easily surpasses the 115 mph speedometer on open road and steers very loosely, yet steady. She has 13" wheels with all four original matching hubcaps with economy tires and plenty of tread remaining. The button on the brake pedal to depress the brake light switch was missing and replaced with a small bolt using several washers for spacing. Heat and A/C work as does the front and rear defrost, factory cassette player, and all other electrical systems. Missing a center armrest over the console, broken plastic interior driver door handle guard (works if held in place), broken exterior passenger door handle, no headliner, and dented passenger wiper arm (tree limb damage a month before sale; the wiper arm was bent back into working condition and the arm saddle was replaced along with both wiper blades).
1992 Toyota Corolla DX (White)


4A-FE, 1st Generation 16v EFI engine with standard radiator, distributor, plug wires and coated boots. Castrol SYNTEC Edge with Titanium 10w-30 and Seafoam additive, Bosche premium oil filter, NGK Platinum spark plugs, and a new Purolator fuel filter. Standard airbox intake with recent air filter.
No headliner. Factory grey cloth upholstery and vinyl. Missing one rear passenger grab handle. Broken driver door handle guard (handle works if held in place). Center console arm rest top missing.
Front passenger door handle broken. Small dent on driver rear wheel well near the ground. Passenger wiper arm dented from tree limb damage (both work). New windshield and value wiper blades.
Factory AM/FM Stereo Cassette player with standard factory speakers.
Wheel and Tire
13" steel wheels with 4 matching factory Toyota hubcaps and recent economy tires.


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