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Corolla DX 1.8L DOHC
Bought from the father of a recently deceased friend with 65k for $1,500. I had always been the go to person when it needed any repairs/maintenance, and when my friend OD'ed on pain patches, his father just wanted it "out of the driveway". He was filthy inside and out, looked like a regular participant of the crash'em up derby, and camber is off on both back wheels due to several highspeed curb checks. But I've put 180k on it since with a wheel bearings, CV Joints, Alternators and hoses along the way. Still on original drive train and struts... for now. Slight headgasket leak for past 50k (since that popped engine plug incident) but still getting 32mpg and no loss of power. The Wendy's Chocolate Frosty look under the radiator cap is unappealing, but not worth tearing off the head just yet.
1995 Toyota Corolla DX 1.8L DOHC (Blackish)


It's a mess, but runs reliably and consistently gives me 32mpg.
Good thing it's black and grey... shows less grease dirt and grime. Occasionally the stench of decomposition sets in after he's been left too long through too many hard rains.
Clear coat is ancient history, various "reshaped" exterior panels... then there was that 4" diameter branch that landed on it in a storm cracking the just replaced windshield and creating a lovely "pond" in the rear PS roof... OK he looks like he's well past dead and nearing final stages of decomposition. I'm afraid to wash him for fear things will fall off... I call it my security system.
Upgraded the stereo with a decent 40x40 Sony head with mp3 disc capability. Sony and Clarion 5-1/4's and 6x9's in the back dash and Sony 5-1/4's in the doors. But the real entertainment comes when driving... he's always felt like he kind of hopped around like the video game Dinosaur character from Mario. No vibrations or anything, just sorta bounces back and forth, for and back as he rolls down the road. He doesn't track... he hops.
Wheel and Tire
Has those funny gold spoke alloy rims that came on various Yotas from Fla in the mid 90's. Missing one waffle plate and center cap thanks to a negligent tire slapper the last time I got new rubber. But I've been looking for 6 mos. and apparently replacements just aren't available.



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