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Extra Cold A/c
Was in the market trying to find a nice rwd car, I had to sell my 13 S13's and my 180sx was hit and totaled. So..I was on the look again, things ended up coming up where I just didnt have the time any more to search and have fun doing anything. A guy I did some work for owed me some cash, so instead he gave me a 1970 C10 long bed. It was a wreck...Rusted in some areas, dents..But something was better than nothing. I ended up taking it to the scrap yard. When I pulled up, there was three guys pulling the mr2 off their trailer. They were running up and down the length of the car, jumping on the t tops and windshield and hood. I went over and asked what the hell they were doing, it was to nice of a car to just beat up, it had perfect grounds to be something, and before they were jumping on it, it looked perfect to besides the paint being faded. He said he was sick of it not running and being a money pit. And started telling me how it had a 3sgte and all this in that in it. I checked the car over to find it still had the stock 2.2 in it, but I didnt say anything, let the wack job think whatever. He wanted something that he could use for work, so I offered him the C10 and did a straight trade right then. I checked over the car for about 45 minutes as it sat where they left it, drove up the street to an Advance auto and got a tune up, put it together and then noticed it wouldnt start. But I noticed if we rolled it, it would start. So I found the reason it wouldnt start was the starter. I had to wait a few days to get it, but once it was on it fired right up and I've been driving it since. I want something I can drive on the street every now and then, and tear the big dogs up at my local drag way. Due to me being the ONLY toyota there
1991 Toyota MR2 (White)


So far it has the 2.2 But we are about to drop in a 3.5 v6 with a supercharger.
I'm removing all the blue interior, it just isnt my style and I cant stand the texture of the fabric. I'm going to take some seats out of t 2000+ Celica's it takes one hole to be drilled to make them fit. Going with black and Orange interior.
Exterior needs work, but I've decided to go a whole different direction. I'm going with the wider body kit so the wider rear tires will fill the space in nicely. Color I have not decided on yet. The hood is going to be replaced with a V.I.S Carbon Fiber hood. Windshield will be replaced and I'll repair the pillar.
A simple radio will work, its not about in car entertainment, its about on road/drag entertainment
Tein Springs, I'm going to probably swap over to coilovers. Not sure of brand yet.
Wheel and Tire
Factory steal wheels atm.


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