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  1. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    Hey everyone! Me and a buddy decided to order a 1JZ-GTE w/ tranny, ecu, wiring harness, ect. We have 14 days to install it once its delivered for the warranty and I'm having a hard time finding decent and some what cheap parts to throw this thing together within the time limit. The motor and...
  2. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    Can't seem to find anything on it, so if you can help that'd be nice. :grin:
  3. General Lexus Discussion
    Hey Toyota fourms! here i am... seeking some help on what to do, im in a little bit of a pickle, and any advice would really be helpful. i have a 1992 toyota soarer its a 1jzgte. runs good just replaced my water pump. i ahve a problem though the bottom block where the alternator blot goes into...
1-3 of 3 Results