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  1. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    I have 75,120 miles and car is in good condition. I intend to keep it another 10 years or to where it is unrepairable. Male friend who lives in So Carolina has said this to me about the MMechanic's estimate. This guy is very smart about money and has taught me a lot over the years: First...
  2. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Can somebody please list or tell me where I can find forged internals for an engine? I’m tired of playing these games with this engine. I want parts that can handle forced induction as I plan on supercharging or I’m leaning toward turbo’ing the car. I talked to Shane Lewis (shanevlogs on...
  3. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Megan Racing Muffler + resonator delete (did that res delete today) still have both cats and stock headers and I think I’m done after that this sounds good to me and I still have NO drone what so ever. Car makes pops at 4K+ RPM in first gear and a little in second (yes it’s automatic I wish I...
  4. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Hello to all, I got a 2003 Toyota Camry LE 2.4L and was wondering where I would be able to find the best flasher relay for led turn signals I can buy. If so can someone send me links and let me know of any personal experiences/ any reviews of the products and some pricing. I don't know if I...
  5. Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    Anyone know if there's a way to make the factory alarm "beep" louder on a 2003 when you lock and unlock it with the remote?
  6. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    I’m replacing all fluids in my kids car (2003 Camry 4cyl, automatic) before they head off to college. I can’t seem to find anything regarding the differential fluid for any Camry past 2002, front or rear. Also, there is absolutely no reference to the differential in the owners manual. In...
  7. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Looking to change my current suspension on my 03 Camry, 166k milage. Interested in the idea of lowering springs.. (not like ultra low coilovers, just a slight downward look)
  8. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Does anyone know what the paint code is for my 2003 Toyota Camry wheels and hub caps? I’ve tried researching and taking it to a paint shop but nothing close to the original color.
  9. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Last month I started a discussion in regard to the sloshing noise coming from the heater core where I stated that I "knew" it wasn't the infamous stripped bolt issue these engines are commonly known for. Well after becoming low on coolant after doing the flush and seeing coolant on the ground...
  10. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
  11. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    The Toyota Gods decided to have fun with me this past weekend. 2003 Toyota Camry Non-JBL 6" x 9" Earthquake T693X (100w RMS per speaker) Scosche 6X9 Speaker Adapter I replaced the front door speakers one week ago. During the installation I didn't take my time to check the polarity. Therefore...
  12. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    The lights for my tail license plate (recessed above the plate) do not work. A mechanic took a look and found broken wires in my trunk that appeared to be related to these two small lights. But, after he repaired the broken wires the lights for plate still werenot lighting up. 1. Does anyone...
  13. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Hi guys, First the questions and then the intro below to save time :) If I buy 2011 Camry leather seats will they fit into my 2003, long shot but I couldn't find any information needed to figure it out.. As for my introduction I am a fresh owner of a 2003 Camry, 3.0L V6. 138K miles. So far...
  14. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    This is my first post to this forum. So guys please go easy on me. I have 2003 Camry XLE with 2.4L engine. I currently have 162K miles on this car. Recently I replaced Torque Strut mount (dog bone) and Front Engine mount on my camry. Both from Beck Arnley due to budget constraints. I...
  15. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Help Please: 2003 Camry LE Codes P0340 & P0341 & P0351 &-352 &-353 &-354 &-335 Hi, I am new to this forum...any help would be appreciated! I have a 2003 Toyota Camry LE 4cyl with approx 230k miles. I have had very little trouble with this car. Recently, I have trouble starting the
  16. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    First post. Thank you for this awesome forum. I have learned a ton reading over the last week and finally need to post a question to hopefully get some answers from those with more wisdom and knowledge than I have. I have a 2003 Camry I4 Auto (119,000 miles). On cold starts it blows a bunch...
  17. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi, I am new to the forum, I was wondering, if I can install a newer car stereo (with bluetooth, MP3 and aux) say from Camry 2012 in my 2003 Camry LE. I dont want to use an after market car stereo in 2003 camry as it may spoil the look of the dash board. I appreciate your help. Regards.
  18. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Hey TN! So i'm not sure if this question has ever been brought up or not but I really don't like the way my 2003 Camry's fog lights look. I love the round fogs, so is there any way to convert the fog lights to a rounder version? maybe buy the fog light covers with mini projectors and cut a...
  19. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Is there any way that i can swap or replace my 03 camry cluster gauge for an 05 camry gauge? I'm getting tired of the way the cluster gauge looks in the 03 camry. i know the odometer is not interchangable unless i go get it programmed by the dealer or whatever. i'm not too worried about that...
  20. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    The engine of our 2003 Camry (4 cylinder, automatic) is making a loud rumbling noise when stationary, both in drive and in park. The rumbling can be heard and felt, especially via the brake pad, and it persists when the car is driving at below highway speeds. Any idea what this could be? Thanks.
1-20 of 24 Results