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2021 rav4 hybrid
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  1. RAV4 5th Gen - Hybrid (XA50/2019+)
    Just went on a trip and put about 700 miles on my new RAV4 Hybrid. Started off and went to fill-up at local gas station. It auto shut-off a couple of times while filling up so I thought the gas tank was full. Went about 70 miles and noticed the gas level was not reading full. When I filled up...
  2. Introduce Yourself Here
    Long time Toyoya lover here, have had a 98 tacoma and recently sold my 2002 tacoma with over 250k miles on it. Just got a 21 RAV4 Hybrid and wanted to check these forums to see if anyone was experiencing the same issues. Born and raised in Bay Area California. Glad to be here.
  3. RAV4 5th Gen - Hybrid (XA50/2019+)
    Hello! I am currently negotiating for a Toyota Hybrid XLE 2021 with a convenience package, and I want to know the true value of the vehicle. I have searched some resources online, but I have not found anything too convincing from great sources. Does anyone have any sources or is able to tell me...
1-3 of 3 Results