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  1. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    hello everyone! i am new here and thus this is my first post. I need help on building a 7age blacktop as the title says. i have done a lot of research on it but i cant seem to find any solid answers to a few questions of mine. so here goes: 1. Which timing belt, oil pump and tensioner...
  2. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    so I bought this corolla. now I need a valve cover seal. its a 90 corolla gts coupe but its got the mr2 motor. ive looked everywhere trying to find a seal and a new cover because the cover that's on it is a 16V and the motor is a 20V! HELP!! I need to find it soon. im getting anxious to drive it
  3. Vehicles
    I'm selling my 92 project, runs great, I'm in over 5K, killer price on the listing. Almost all new parts, needs wheel bearing, speedo display (have the part just needs to be swapped), and rear bushings are about due Full details below , local pickup only located in Utah, please only respond...
  4. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    I am currently swaping a 20v blacktop into my ae92 that previously had a big port in it. I am looking for a wiring guide for the 20v. The engine came with a full harness, ecu and underhood fuse box. I am looking for a guide to merge the front fuse box with the old wiring. I have removed AC and...
  5. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    I am in the middle of a 20v blacktop swap right now. I was wondering what fuel line you all have used from the fuel filter to the fuel rail since this rail's inlet seems to be on the other side of the engine towards the tranny.
  6. Introduce Yourself Here
    hi all im new here so bare with me lol. i have heard that on the 4age engine 20v you can add a switch from the vvt solenoid the manual ground the vvt. can some one please post me a picture of where to find the solenoid and/or the ecu in levin and if you have the pin out for the vvt on ecu that...
  7. Corolla 7th Generation (1993-1997)
    *****IN PROGRESS************** I will be building a wiring harness for my new motor that just arrived. I am planning to document every step so it will help those who are deciding to travel this road. I will be including diagrams of the pinouts with color coding as well. Once the first...
  8. Car Parts for Sale
    OBO 626.587.9085 I'll take $300 right now. Located in Baldwin Park. :thumbup: FWD <br /><br />
1-8 of 9 Results