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  1. General Automotive Discussion
    I just got my hands on a set of 2jz-gte non-vvti pistons & rod assembly from a mk4 supra. From my knowledge, the 2jz gte and ge non-VVTI engines are non-interference. For the VVTI engines, they are interference. Would swapping these pistons&rods into a 2jz-ge VVTI make the engine...
  2. General Discussion Forum
    Between Toyota’s & lexus’s Which ones came with that specific engine In years & last year of that engine & which cars? & the difference between the US&japanese gte?which one stronger?
  3. Cressida Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm not really too big into forums, but I figured this would be a good place to dump all of my progress pictures and info about my current build. I originally became interested in Cressida's when I saw one of my good friends 1JZ swap, then later LS swap his MX73. That being said...
  4. Car Parts for Sale
    JDM Aristo 2JZGTE Auto ECU, OBD1, non-vvti. $200 shipped
  5. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    I just picked up a 2jz-ge with 150k on it. I plan on rebuilding it with all stock parts. I can't seem to find just wrist pins for sale anywhere so I was wondering if it's fine to just leave the old ones in and reuse them.
  6. Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    :thumbsup: So I was dinkin around on the internet and I found a 2jz out of 2000 lexus for sale and long story short Im picking it up at the end of the month. Pictures soon guys.
  7. Corolla 10th Gen/2nd Gen Matrix (2009-2013)
    Hey there! I brought a 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS about a year ago, and personally I love it! But now I kinda want to change it up. My question for you is: Is it possible to swap a 2JZ into my corolla? and if so, what would I need to do inorder to make it "runable"
  8. Vehicles
    I am selling my 1991 Supra with a 2JZ swap. This car is a well looked after MkIII Supra. It has no rust and runs well. This car has a 2JZ twin turbo swapped into it. 129xxx km on the body and similar on the motor. This car was imported from Japan a year and a half ago. I need to sell this...
  9. General Lexus Discussion
    I'm just curious if any of you Toyota Nationers on here can help me answer a question about the Lexus GS300 Engine. I know older 300's have a 2JZ Engine just non turbo, I'm just curious between what years of production do the GS300's have the 2JZ engine.
  10. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    Well I know that theres a swaps guide but i checked nd there was nothing in there sbout it soooo. My question is Does anybody know or have done Themselves a JZ swap in an ae92?? I just wanna know if it can b done...Thank You..
  11. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    The story. I just started my engine rebuild class and we got to pick our own engine in the storeroom. Toyota drop of a butt load of engine to my class everything to inline 4 - V8s. corollas to tundra. some used some new, some already taken apart from other student some never touch. And i...
  12. Car Parts for Sale
    i have for sale a 1JZ-GTE Motor out of my Soarer just done a 2JZ-GTE Conversion comes with all bolt-ons or can be negotiated with out :) asking $1000 motor has only done 145,000 k's Call 0450550167 for more info. Motor is located in Guildford NSW. Motor fits the following cars: Gen 1 Supra...
1-12 of 12 Results