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  1. General Discussion Forum
    Between Toyota’s & lexus’s Which ones came with that specific engine In years & last year of that engine & which cars? & the difference between the US&japanese gte?which one stronger?
  2. Cressida Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm not really too big into forums, but I figured this would be a good place to dump all of my progress pictures and info about my current build. I originally became interested in Cressida's when I saw one of my good friends 1JZ swap, then later LS swap his MX73. That being said...
  3. Vehicles
    What is your First & Last name? Peter Alcazar What is your phone number? 786 278 5236 What is your Location? : Miami, Florida Miles: 78,XXX Price: $19,000 O.B.Reasonable.Offer. Title Status: Clean Contact Info: PM or Text. 05 Lexus IS300 2jzgte 450+WHP...
1-3 of 3 Results