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  1. Camry 1st and 2nd Gen (1983-86) and (1987-91)
    Almost time to do the swap over into my 91 Camry (Bumblebee). After searching, and blazing through both the Camry and MR2 forums in regards to information pertaining to the 5SFE motor in particular, I'm still a bit curious to those who've made the swap with theirs here. Alongside successes and...
  2. Camry 1st and 2nd Gen (1983-86) and (1987-91)
    Whenever I accelerate, the car seems to be surging and hesitating (especially at lower rpms and when cold). To combat this I put in new spark plugs, new air filter, new fuel filter, and new distributor cap, rotor, and wires. There is no check engine light and the car idles fine. This issue isn't...
  3. Camry 1st and 2nd Gen (1983-86) and (1987-91)
    Hey there. I've been working on my 91 Camry DLX 3SFE 5-Speed for a while, but still running into a persistent issue with idling. It'll be running roughly 1,100 RPMs cold start but afterwords, it'll drop to between 500 to 600 after warm up. Sometimes the car will die and get as low as as 300 to...
  4. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello! Just thought I'd put a intro here as I'm fairly new to these forums. I'm not sure how many girls are on this forum, but you've got another one! I'm based in Australia and recently bought a 1992 Holden Apollo JL SLX - a weird rebadge of a 2nd gen Camry that was locally built and sold up...
  5. Camry 1st and 2nd Gen (1983-86) and (1987-91)
    I've always wondered what rpm my 91 Camry sat at while doing highway speeds (65-75mph). I don't have a tach and have not found any other information about it. Would anyone know?
1-5 of 5 Results