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  1. Celica Forum
    I have a fifth gen Celica ST. The engine still runs but it has quite a lot of miles and may need to be replaced eventually. Easiest thing would probably be to get another 4AFE, but part of me also wants more power and I could learn a lot and have a lot of fun swapping in a different engine. From...
  2. Celica Forum
    Ive got a 3SGE REDTOP in my celica st204, and i cannot get it to run. It has spark and fuel, but it pushes air out the intake like a hairdryer upon cranking. So youd think itd be a valve timing issue, but ive retimed it about a million times now and it has made no difference. Also worth...
  3. Corolla 7th Generation (1993-1997)
    AS many of you know, I own a 1996 Toyota Corolla with a 7A-FE and a 4 speed auto. I was talking to a mechanic friend, and he showed me this guy who imports front cuts. He currently has three engines of interest to me. Celica ST202 3S-GE Beams Redtop complete engine, wiring with ECU -$800...
1-3 of 3 Results