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  1. Celica Forum
    hey every one. im new here i have a 87 toyota celica gt i believe it has a 3sge engine in it now. But every gasket on it leaks valve cover, head, timing, oil pan, every one pours oil im in the middle of pulling out the motor and i was wondering if the mr2 4agez would drop into place and bolt...
  2. MR2 Forum
    Hey guys im kinda new to MR2's and i just got one as a project so please bare with my newbness. I have no idea how to make this engine run in this car so ANY help is greatly appreciated! Ok, so the 5sfe harness in the car is a bit chopped up, and it has a gen 3 JDM 3sge in it but doesnt run...
  3. MR2 Forum
    firstly, no this is NOT the BEAMS engine. secondly, anyone who suggests using a different engine, please close the browser. :) i am set with this engine and will finish this swap... thirdly, its a 1st Gen 3sge from an 88 Celica GTS... i chose this engine on purpose... forthly, anyone who...
1-3 of 3 Results