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  1. RAV4 1st Generation (1994-2000)
    Hi, im currently on the plan to swap a Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185 into my RAV4 1998. There are a few question for this. Is it possible to fit the engine into my Rav4? Any fitment needed to do? I'm planning to add a standalone ecu for this, any suggestion? Will be glad if anyone help out.
  2. Celica Forum
    So I recently bought a 1990 Toyota Celica GT with a 5SFE ofcourse and I'm converting it to a manual because i can :D More importantly I have future plans to put a 3S-GTE Engine in it! Now I have not done a engine swap before but I have plenty of people who can help me who are very qualified to...
  3. MR2 Forum
    Ive come across alot of 5sgte stuff on this forum. But ive only just bought a mr2 last week. its turbo with 121,000kms on the engine. N i started loosing power on higher revs, sounded like a miss. Went to the mechs n there was a small knocking sounds. so we figured it was the big end...
  4. MR2 Forum
    Hi there, I have a 1991 toyota mr2 n/a! i want to swap it with the 2.0L turbo, but want the 94+ engine because i want the extra 20hp. my question is, would the engine mounts line up? is it possible to do that or should i stick with the 91 engine and have 20hp less. thank you
  5. MR2 Forum
    so i recently bought a 91 na mr2 and i want to swap a 3sgte in it. i need to know what do i need? can i use stock mounts os should i get new ones? are they bolt on or do they need to be customized? what kind of intercooler do i need? what size piping? i plan to up the boost so what would be the...
1-5 of 5 Results