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  1. Looking for my first car

    RAV4 3rd Generation (2006-2012)
    Hi guys, I am a teenager wanting to buy my first car. I have considered getting a 3rd generation Rav4 since they fit my price range and are a bit more modern. Can anyone give me advice or suggestions on what year in this generation to buy as I want to get a Rav that is very reliable and has...
  2. Suggestion on dash hole cover needed, 92 Hilux

    89-95 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    I’m currently looking for a plate to cover this hole up. I had one before but after taking apart the dash and putting it back together i couldn’t find it hahaha. I have no idea what that hole if meant for but i’m struggling to know what to call the part when i’m looking on ebay for one.
  3. T100 Fender Liners from Rad Rubber & ...

    T-100 Forum
    Back in December 2017 I bought a used (obviously) 1998 T100 SR5 A/T 4WD that lacked splash guards/fender liners. I’ve read posts here and all over the internet about engine splash guards. Yes, as of today, the factory guards for my model are still available, but for about $150 for a pair without...
  4. 2010 Sequoia - 4WD shifting on the fly stopped working after 2 new tires ?

    Sequoia Forum
    I recently changed the 2 front tires on my 2010 Sequoia due to sidewall puncture, the rear tires are about 50% tread. Since I did this I am unable to shift into 4HI when the car is moving. The 4wd-Hi light keeps blinking. Prior to this the car would easily shift in and out of 4wd under...
  5. A few problems that might be related

    Sequoia Forum
    I own a 04' Sequoia SR5 4wd. Last week I got new tires put on. (One new on the left and what I thought was a new spare on the right) after getting the tires put on I make it about a mile from the shop and the wheel starts pulling to the right. I pull over and notice that the tire is half flat...
  6. FS: 1985 Toyota 4Runner - 1 Owner - Clean Title

    Restored and in great condition. This truck has been in our family since new. Well maintained; includes 17K miles on new engine, rough country lift kit and new shocks, custom mags and tires, new brakes, new stereo with Kicker speakers, power rear window. Air conditioning does not work, has old...
  7. 2006 Limited V6: CEL/4wd/VSC misfire troubleshooting

    RAV4 3rd Generation (2006-2012)
    1st Post. History: 4 months or so ago: VSC/CEL/4wd light came on. Advance Auto ODB said cylinder 3 coil bad/misfire. Replaced cylinder 3 coil and spark plug (coil was aftermarket, plug was ngk iridium). Lights resolved 2 weeks after: VSC/CEL/4wd came on again. Oreilly ODB said cylinder 5...
  8. crisco's new motor

    T-100 Forum
    SO lately I've been pretty quiet but here's what I've been up to... -i blew my head gasket/over cooked the motor/hydrolocked the motor etc. right at 175,000 miles. mine is a 97 4wd Manual mostly stock. -i finally got around to pick up up a jdm import 5VZ-FE about a month back. it was not as...
  9. RAV4 beach success

    RAV4 3rd Generation (2006-2012)
    I registered for this forum just to post my delight at successfully driving the beach at Hatteras Island this week. I bought a used 2011 RAV4 4WD this past December; and I got the 4WD model solely because my SO loves Hatteras, and I wanted to try getting away from the crowd by driving down the...
  10. 1995 dx 4wd

    T-100 Forum
    All, This is a 1995 DX 3.4 Auto with Auto Disconnect Differential Using the shift lever, 4WD will not engage. The dash light does not light up in any position except for "AWD Neutral". I have verified the following: -Vacuum lines are in good order and routed properly -VSVs fall within...
  11. Rear differential seal Replacement

    RAV4 3rd Generation (2006-2012)
    2008 Rav 4, V6 Sport, 4WD: I'm trying to replace a leaking rear differential seal and have run into a snag. Drive shaft successfully removed, electromagnet housing removed. That exposes the linear solenoid - I removed the snap ring, but how do I actually get the linear solenoid of the yoke...
  12. 1990 camry 4wd general info please!!

    Camry 1st and 2nd Gen (1983-86) and (1987-91)
    So last week I picked up a 1990 camry le 4wd, its got an auto transmission so there is an auto center diff lock button. just looking for some general info about this 4wd system, the rarity of the car etc. Also is the tranny and diff fluid shared or seperate? thinking i should at least be looking...
  13. Manual All-Trac pricing?

    Camry 1st and 2nd Gen (1983-86) and (1987-91)
    What would you guys expect to pay for an all-trac 5 speed with around 175,000 miles on it? pretty minimal body rust, 1 owner. is 2,750 an ok price?
  14. 2003 HL 4wd rear axle bearing replacement

    Highlander 1st Generation (2001-2007)
    I'm replacing rear axle bearings on a 2003 Highlander 4wd - and need some help. I've read on the forum that the 2001-2003 bearing can be pressed in/out - so am hoping to carry the hub to Napa and have them replace the bearing. I've removed the axle nut, the disc caliper, the 4 nuts on the...
  15. Transfer Case Issue?

    Tacoma 1st Generation (1995.5–2004)
    I have a 97 Tacoma 3.4L 4x4. Manual 5speed, Manual J gate transfer case.Manual Hubs. Now heres my issue: My transfer case does not engage the front drive shaft. If I lock my hubs the drive shaft is locked so I know its not the hubs that are the problem. If I select 4lo the transmission goes...
  16. Should I buy a Highlander?

    Highlander 1st Generation (2001-2007)
    I have never owned a car but will be purchasing one soon. I am an avid fisherman and will be towing a boat 2-3 times per week sometimes distance of up to 200 miles. Most towing will happen within 30 miles though. The boat and trailer I own weighs between 1500 to 1700 pounds. I travel long...
  17. 1993 camry awd/4wd?

    Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    There has to be some way to turn my 1993 into awd or 4wd haven't found anyone that has done would I be the first I seen a post on the all-trac system but will it work on a 3rd gen?
  18. hello from South Korea

    Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi- I'm Tim. Nice to meet you online. I've got a 2006 RAV4 4WD V4 automatic. Trying to solve Trouble Code P2118 'Throttle Actuator Control Motor Current Range/Performance' I need a help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here is what happened. My RAV4 was getting shipped out of Europe to...
  19. For Sale 2007 4WD Tundra

    I am selling my Tundra. I have a new job and am provided with a company truck. I've probably put 2k miles on it in the last 8 months. Sad to see it go, but it needs a good home. Asking $16599. 119K Miles New performance pad and rotors Super clean and Adult Driven *** listed on ebay...
  20. Clutch Line

    Pre-88 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    the rigid line from the clutch master cylinder to the clutch slave blew out at the slave. i need a parts guide/schematic to figure out how route this line. i can get the rigid line from a napa parts store pre bent. just need to know how hard it is to replace this line.