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  1. want to buy a 1990 cressida need help

    Cressida Forum
    found a 1990 cressida near me that looks to be in good shape but the owner says it is having over heating issues. i texted him and he told me it over heats after about 20 minutes. he also said that he suspects a water pump or heater core to be the issue because the pump leaks when running...
  2. 1989 Supra being parted out / 7MGE complete cylinder head

    Car parts for trade, wanted parts, or free offers
    I have a complete 1991 Supra that I am parting out. Between swapping a 7MGTE and a 7MGE and W58 and automatic transmissions between two cars, I have a complete car leftover. The 7MGE engine and the automatic transmission, both of which were running fine when I started the transfer are now...
  3. 85 pickup - 7MGE with Air Conditioning

    Pre-88 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    I have a '85 Pickup with a very tired 22r in it. I have a good line running '87 Supra with a rebuilt 7MGE. Sounds like a fun swap. I know the radiator placement is tight, has anyone fit all the AC components of the Supra into a solid axle truck? I'm an AZ and AC is a must. Thanks for the help.
  4. Stuck in a ditch with a 7MGE

    Cressida Forum
    Hello TN people, I bought my very first car which is a Cressida but the problem is that it will not run...yet. I'm broke as hell and dont have a scanner tool. 1. I've changed all the fuses and double checked none are busted. 2. compression test is good 3. I have both spark and fuel Now the...
  5. 84 ma61 7mgZe build

    Supra Forum
    hello folks. im nick, and i am the proud owner of a 1984 toyota supra. the car is fully stripped of all unessential components and is intended for use as a drift car. i dont get to slide it as often as i'd like, but it sure is a hell of alot of fun to drive. it is currently powered by the...
  6. 7mge pistons in 7mgte

    Supra Forum
    I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my 7mgte. Im going to have the block bored .020 over. Just wondering if replacing the stock 7mgte pistons (8.x:1 ratio) with .020 over 7mge pistons (9.1:1 ratio) is a good idea. I will, of course, be going with a mhg and arp hardware. I plan on keeping...
  7. 1991 toyota cressida for sale. stock rebuild with MLS

    built to last now! i got it with 22 k, it now has 70 k. never raced or tuned or boosted. solid car for the most part. ready for you to do whatever you want with it. has hks stopper 3.0, npr piston n rings, king bearings, bored .020, mean borla exhast, blacked out wheels nicely done. six...
  8. MX83 Engine removal.

    Cressida Forum
    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of removing my blown 7MGE from MX83 Cressida, to swap for a low km's 7MGE from Japan. Anyway I've run into snags and was hoping someone would Be able to help. Firstly. Is removing the AC compressor from the engine an and leaving it in the engine bay better than...
  9. 5mge bottom / 7mge head franenstein

    Cressida Forum
    anyone here on TN running this set up or have any inputs? i spun a rod bearing (at least that's what i think) in my 5mge. i've been on google searching on how to fix it (still haven't yet) and got carried away with this set up i cam across. apparently this guy is running everything 5mge except...
  10. 82 corolla 7mge

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    I was thinking about putting a 7mge in my 82 corolla 2dr and I was wondering other than custom motor mounts and all the 7m electrical parts and probably making the tranni tunnel bigger what else am Im going to run into. If anyone has done it already I would appreciate some input.
  11. Are rock auto parts reliable?

    Cressida Forum
    Ive never heard of rock pistons and bearings up until recently and I was curious as to if they are reliable. If anyone has used them let me know.
  12. 7MGE build up

    Cressida Forum
    I just picked up 90 cressida with a rod knock so I tore it down and sent the crank out to get turned and the block hot tanked and honed. When I put it all back together I was thinking about buying the slightly modefied throttle body from rabidchimp, getting 2.5 in exhaust, and if anyone knows of...
  13. 7MGE Starts, revs, dies.

    Cressida Forum
    Out of no where, on Friday, my car's throttle became intermittently unresponsive. Basically, it starts, revs go up, then dies. I have a bit of control over the throttle right after starting but it quickly goes limp and then the car dies. -There's no check engine light. -Did a check with an...
  14. Need help with mx83 5 speed swap

    Cressida Forum
    I am trying to swap the auto trans from my 91 mx83 cressida to a manual but i am not sure what i need and from what car. i am 16 so the more beginer friendly the info the better but i already did an engine swap on it to a jdm 7mge :headbang: on this same cressida so im not a total noob with cars...
  15. WTB 7mge, running long block

    Car parts for trade, wanted parts, or free offers
    Hey guys I'm helping my uncle fix his 90 cressida. He had a head gasket fail then let it sit for a month. Needless to say the insides rusted up something fierce so we are in need of a long block. Located in southern California. Let's here what you've got
  16. Cressida starts revs to 3-4k then dies

    Cressida Forum
    I'm trying to get some help on finding the problem with my cressida. it is a 1991 toyota cressida with a 7mge i got it for 400 bucks with a blown head gasket so i put a new engine in it with bout 45k but when i start it it turns on revs by itself all the way up to between 3 and 4 thousand rpm...