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  1. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    Hello all, I was wondering if anybody on here has bought the t4 turbo headers for their 7m and hooked up an external wastegate with the stock ECU. I have or will soon be getting all I need for a solid 7M but I was curious If its required for me to buy an ECU when I do a turbo/header/wastegate...
  2. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    Hi guys, i have a 1987 supra N/A and i was wondering what the easiest swap would be, with what iv'e done my research the 7mgte sounds like its the easiest but what woud i need to swap out other then the engine and tranny? would i also have to swap the drivetrain diff and rear axles? please let...
  3. 89-95 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    Hello all, I am a new user to posting but I have definitely done a great fair share of reading on here for some years now. You guys have really answered a ton of my questions without me even having to ask, and I sure appreciate it. However I have one question that I cannot seem to find the...
  4. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hey i got two yotas 1988 Toyota supra targa mk3 with a 7mgte turbo 2001 Toyota Solara with a bone stock 5sfe 5 speed manual
  5. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    hello folks. im nick, and i am the proud owner of a 1984 toyota supra. the car is fully stripped of all unessential components and is intended for use as a drift car. i dont get to slide it as often as i'd like, but it sure is a hell of alot of fun to drive. it is currently powered by the...
  6. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my 7mgte. Im going to have the block bored .020 over. Just wondering if replacing the stock 7mgte pistons (8.x:1 ratio) with .020 over 7mge pistons (9.1:1 ratio) is a good idea. I will, of course, be going with a mhg and arp hardware. I plan on keeping...
  7. Car parts for trade, wanted parts, or free offers
    Looking for a good working mass air flow sensor for my 1990 supra turbo 7mgte. If you have one and located in toronto, please pm.
  8. Supra Gen1 thru Gen4 (1979-1998)
    Hi guys, i'm new on this site and i am looking to buy a new car and i spotted a 1991 supra with an 7mgte. I want to know if the 7mgte is a good engine?? Somebody told me that the head gasket blow often on this engine? how to resolve the situation? The supra that i had spotted had 130 000km on...
  9. Vehicles
    Unfortunately I can only keep one project right now and the Supra has to go. I've had this car for a few years and have always taken good care of it. I had bigger plans for this but its time for it to go, extra parts I've gathered up over the years can go with for the right price. 3rd owner car...
  10. Car parts for trade, wanted parts, or free offers
    :help::help::help: i need an 87-88 turbo automatic engine harness something fierce if you have a yellow plug 89 turbo auto harness with ecu let me know either one will work thank you. Les- email at [email protected] email or pm for ph#
  11. Vehicles
    Hey guys unfortunately up for sell is my 90 toyota supra turbo. This has been my baby and i really dont want to sell it, but for money and other reasons i guess i going to. It is a 90 supra turbo and it is a targa top. I bought the car early last year from a guy i know in Illinois about mid...
1-11 of 11 Results