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  1. Sequoia Forum
    Hi everyone, im having an issue with my 2002 4x4 sequoia, 242,000 miles, at slow acceleration. When I'm light on the pedal trying to accelerate slowly it will gain to about 14-1500 rpm then stutter and I can see the revs drop almost down to idle, then kick in again back to 1500 rpm. To me it...
  2. Tacoma 1st Generation (1995.5–2004)
    I have a 2001 Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab with a 3.4 Liter engine (5VZ). I know I have an A340F transmission, but I am wondering if any other years will work. My tranny is trashed. When I put it in gear, there is no movement, but it does grind near the rear of the transmission next to the transfer...
  3. Truck/SUV/van parts for trade or wanted parts
    i have a 1996 Toyota Tacoma (4X4 V6 3.4L)..... All I need is the Transmission "Oil Pan" ... (mine cracked pretty bad) i went to the dealership.. and they don't make them anymore.. so i need to find the part at a scrap yard.. or someone who's parting out a 95 or 96 tacoma.. please write back...
1-3 of 3 Results