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  1. Need Advice - Towing a 6000 lb camping trailer w Land Cruiser

    Land Cruiser Forum
    I'm looking at a new camping trailer and a new tow vehicle. Considering a 2016 or newer Land Cruiser. The trailer weighs 5K empty so let's say 6K loaded to go. It is 27 feet long and 10.5 feet high. I'd get a weight distributing hitch and antisway bar set-up. I'll be living in Colorado...
  2. Second opinion on dealership service inspection

    Venza Forum
    Hello, everyone. I am still very new to this forum, so mods, feel free to delete this post if posts of this nature are not allowed. For your information, I drive a 2011 Toyota Venza V6 AWD, with 98000 km or 61000 mi. It has been taken for every 8,000 km inspection so far. Anyway, I visited...
  3. Looking for advice on becoming a yota owner

    Introduce Yourself Here
    Greetings all, my name is Alex. hopefully I'll have more reason to remain an active member of this community soon! I've been looking for a 95-98 T100 4x4 with the 5vz in it, in as good a condition as I can get for $4000. I live in a city-filled part of the salt belt and have pretty much given...
  4. Newbie - Bluetooth issue and firmware question!

    Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    Hi all! I have a (AUS) 2012 Atara S, and I'm having some issues with the bluetooth. It's not the 'common' issues that I keep finding, which I am not getting... what is hapening is this: Whenever the phone is in a call, the reception is terrible, unless it's sitting in my lap (Australian car...
  5. Directional Tires 4 08 Corolla

    Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    Hi All, I am looking for a good, quality directional tire for an 08 Corolla. I am tired of the asymmetrical tire and want to go back to the directional due to the large amount of rain we recieve here in Tampa, Florida. If I could get some opinions or someone point me the right way, that would...
  6. Blown Head gasket or not?!

    Tacoma 2nd Generation (2005-2015)
    So I was changing my oil the other day in my 05 V6 Tacoma with 136k miles on it, no big deal, I've changed oils in vehicles multiple times. Until I went to add my new oil and found a nasty little surprise in the oil cap and the oil fill port. It is a tanish sludge in both the cap and first 2...
  7. Tire Newb Needs Help

    Tacoma 2nd Generation (2005-2015)
    So I recently decided to get a 3 inch lift on my 05 Tacoma Access cab. Now I currently have Dunlop AT20's on which says P245/75R16. And to be honest, I know nothing about tires. They are on the stock Toyota rims which I don't mind keeping. I'd like to get some new, beefier tires that will look...
  8. new motor mounts? where to buy em?

    Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    i got an 06 corolla s, was curious if any vendors sold motor mounts, maybe even trans mounts. my engine is really shaky at idle. was just curious on pricing and where to buy em from. thanks all.
  9. driver side wheel well liner has a giant hole in it.

    Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    like the title says my driver side wheel well liner has a massive hole in it, exposing my Cold Air Intake to my tire and if it rains, potentially a hydrolock. any way to fix this big of a hole, or any vendors on the forums to help me out? (Heres a pic! )
  10. Need some serious advice!

    Avalon 4th Generation (2013-2018)
    Hello everybody. I'm new to the forum. I'm not currently an Avalon owner, but I could be soon. I really need your help! So a few years ago, my mom gave me her 2005 Lexus RX330. It's always been garage kept and still looks new. It's got 95k miles on it and until now has never had a problem. I...
  11. Going from a '08 to '05; what to be aware of, steering feels different?

    Prius 2nd Gen - Hybrid (2004-2009)
    After driving a 2008 Prius for the last few years, the vehicle was filed as a loss on January 27th. Since then I have been looking for a new car (and technically my first since the '08 was registered under a parent). I found a 2005 Prius with 70,000 miles and an agreed upon Price on $7,000...
  12. Need opinion on purchase

    Cressida Forum
    Hi I'm Jesse from Alberta Canada. I'm new here so I hope I don't make anyone mad by not knowing the culture :hi: I have been contemplating purchasing a 1982 Cressida sedan that is nearby me, but I don't know what to look for when I go check the car out. I just need advice to know what parts on...
  13. Need some advice on purchase!!!

    89-95 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    Hello Toyota enthusiasts! I am looking for some general good advice on buying a Pickup/Hilux. I have never owned a truck, or a Toyota, but I have heard nothing but good things about their generally outstanding build quality, and how they typically far outlast most other makes on the road today...
  14. First time Camry buyer -- really need some help!

    Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Hi there! I am considering buying a 2005 Camry LE 4 door sedan. This will be my second car. My first was a 2000 Passat I naively bought off a cheesy used car lot. I spent 4 years and thousands of dollars trying to make it driveable but I am finally cutting my losses and getting rid of it. That...
  15. Top 10 Things To Know Before Buying a Car

    General Discussion
    Check out the whole list of things to know before you buy a car at
  16. Security for 2011 Toyota Corolla S

    Corolla 10th Gen/2nd Gen Matrix (2009-2013)
    This morning, I opened my driver side door and I noticed some of my stuff from the center console was on my seat. I checked with my family and no one touched the car. I checked out the rest of my car and nothing was stolen. I have a coin purse containing approximately 10 dollars in quarters...
  17. help me with my radio please :(

    Corolla 8th Generation (1998-2002)
    hi, so i've had a JVC third party radio in my car for about a year no problem in my 2001 corolla, then recently i got a pioneer radio so i went to install it to my car and when unhooking everything i don't know exactly what happened but i guess the wires touched before i had a chance to un-hook...
  18. 2002 Camry 170k maintenance : Above and Beyond

    Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    :hi: New here to TN. I'm from North Carolina and I own a catalina blue 2.4 L 4 cyl camry. Her name is Natalie :D It's my first car, I'm 20, and I have had her for about 3 years. It's a great car and I haven't had any problems. I'd love to keep it that way as long as possible. I've read a few...
  19. Should I purchase a Prius? Need Advice from Prius Owners

    Prius 1st Gen - Hybrid (1997-2003)
    Hello Everyone! Potential Toyota Hybrid Prius owner here! First time car-buyer and am very interested in hybrid car, in particular, the prius...but Not sure what model i should get. Although, I am open to hearing about other comparable cars. Questions for Current or Past Prius Owners: -What...
  20. Unremovable Bug Stains Help ?

    Corolla 10th Gen/2nd Gen Matrix (2009-2013)
    I am new to toyotanation so not really sure how things work but i was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some advice for bug stains. After a road trip i left the car out in the sun just overnight until noon the next day (101 F) and now washing off the bug is almost impossible. I've...