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  1. FS: Dellorto SideDrafts

    Car Parts for Sale
    Dellorto SideDrafts 40's, OFF a running 3tc , good Condition. Its jetted for a 1.8L you may have to jet it for your app. in Vegas,NV....... Shipping to all 50 States only.. $275 for the pair ,paypal,cash in person or walmart to walmart..... (206) 317-4786
  2. Imported AE86 Levin Bluetop Build Thread

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hi, my name is Evan and I own a 1986 AE86 Corolla Levin imported from okinawa. To start out, here is a video of the car in its current state of modification wasting some high octane gas: CURRENT ISSUES/NIGGLES WITH CAR: -MAP sensor issue, car stutters when releasing throttle at high speed...
  3. Girls can also play the tuning game /COROLLA LEVIN AE86

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Saori♪ from Japan shared her Corolla Levin with us. The owner has no intention of ever driving an electric power wheel again. SPECS: TOYOTA COROLLA COROLLA LEVIN AE86 1987 COLOR: quartz white crystal shine WHEEL: ENKEI TIRE: YOKOHAMA SUSPENSION: GReddy INTERIOR: BRIDE full-bucket seat , Defi...
  4. Jaanese AE86 Trueno Help Please!!

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hi i have a 86 Trueno imported from japan to America, when i got this car the front struts were blown but they are aftermarket struts and when i called toyota parts department i told them its the japan trueno they said theres no way they could get me anything, not even parts numbers for the...
  5. FS: ae86/ae92/ae101 parts interior/engine

    Car Parts for Sale
    Like the title says, offers are welcome but cash is king In Van Nuys, Ca. Im not willing to ship unless you pay for it...small items 1 lbs or less can be shipped for about $2- $10 after 1 lbs its can be $20 +, i use priority from usps - [email protected] My first post here on...
  6. Kiraush's 1985 Ae86 Build Thread. :)

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    11/03/14 I don't know how fast this will progress, splurged suddenly to get this because I wasn't actually expecting to find an AE86 in my price range. Lo and behold I found one, so about a total of around 800 miles later (in the thousands if you consider the second car) here she is: Snug as a...
  7. Alternator Wiring-Find this wire a home!

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Can someone please help me find where this wire goes? It is the red one with a spade connector coming off of the alternator harness. Pic is attached
  8. 1990 toyota celica st swap

    Celica Forum
    hi people i am doing a swap on my 5th gen celica and i need some advice doing it. i recently got a blue top 4age from a ae92 corolla. and i have the ECU and wiring loom. main question is how do i wire it all up? and i want to use the ae92 cluster instead of the one in my celica. and just to mske...
  9. Just bought an ae86 liftback with 4a-ge

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hi, i just bought a corrolla 1987 liftback ae86 with a 4age motor in really great condition and the car is top clean, i'm really happy of my new car!! The only point that i want to modiefied on the car is the engine to have more power. I want to know what i can do to have more hp on the motor...
  10. Rolling Around SD in my 86

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Integra Dyno Cruising the street cheers enjoy!
  11. First ever ae86

    Introduce Yourself Here
    and loving it im Brandon From San Diego i Own a SR5 85 ae86 carburated Roll Cage Supra Celica Rims Uras front Bumper 2.5 exhaust Header back (unknown coil overs)
  12. FS: (AE86) 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS, Los Angeles, CA

    I am selling my 1986 Corolla GTS (this is AE86 sold in America) for $10,000. Serious inquiries only, message if interested. Some photos of my car here:[email protected]/10917875606/in/photostream/ General Info -101,000 miles -Color: Blue -3 door liftback...
  13. WTS- Brand-New AE86 Stainless Steel Headers Direct from Japan

    Car Parts for Sale
    WTS- Brand-New AE86 Stainless Steel Headers Direct from Japan I'm new to the board so I don't know how much to ask But I think since he paid well over 400$ To get them here If I ask for 199 Bucks that's fair... If you're interested please PM me I can ship globally via Canada Post with...
  14. AE86 GTS for sale/trade !!! Caged !!

    looking to sell OR trade my AE86 coupe. nothing wrong with it just have tooo many projects and im looking to move on. it has: 4AGE 16v Megan coilovers good ridge stainless brake lines Precision Chassis 10 point roll cage welded in ! (3300$ alone) xxr wheels brand new tires new brakes all...
  15. AE86 loweing sping questions.

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Im thinking about buying a set of lowering springs for my 82 corolla and I know everyone says that AE86 suspension parts fit but I'm just double checking that these would work. Heres the link to the ones I want if anyones bought these already and got them to work than give me the thumbs up. If...
  16. FS: AE86 Differential Kouki 1987 (1 Bent shaft), Rods and Break Lines

    Car Parts for Sale
    Up for sale a rare 1987 kouki diff, it has one bent axle shaft on the driver side so its good for parts or pull it out and replace it, it also needs the dust shield on that side too (rotten off). Diff and other axle shaft are good but the housing needs a good cleaning for paint or you can...
  17. AE86 Steering wheel

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hello guys, I'm searching for a stock AE86 steering wheel, please let me know if anyone has one and would sell it. I could pay with Paypal.
  18. Looking for AE86 Part out!!!!!

    Looking for ae86 part out, need rear quarters and rockers panels toronto only please contact via message or post.
  19. OEM Decals for AE86 1987 GTS Hatchback

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Dose anyone know where I can get the original looking decals for my ae86? its a 1987 gts model and all I can find is levin, apex, trd etc stickers on ebay. I did find the side ones but I need the rear hatch stickers. Also my car is BLACK.
  20. I found a AE86 GTS...

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Delete this post pls