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  1. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    Looking to buy some side Ae92 GTS side skirts. Was wondering if anyone has some nearby or is willing to ship? Also does anyone know if other side skirts fit the car like Ae86 or Ae85? I live around the Las Vegas area and am willing to pickup up if nearby.
  2. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    I have a 1988 gts (bigport) and I had just noticed that two hoses were plugged off. These hoses connect to the air auxiliary valve/ idle air control valve. The picture shows the two rubber hoses with the metal hose clamps below the plastic air intake hose connected to the throttle body. Does...
  3. Vehicles
    Hi all, I have a 1988 Toyota Corolla Coupe SR5 5-Speed Manual for sale. I apologize for solely joining this forum to post it for sale, but since there are enthusiasts here I figured this might be better suited to find a good owner here since this car is pretty old. One Owner 187,xxx miles All...
  4. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    Hey guys I’m new to this forum I have a ae92 coupe and still don’t know the direction where I want to take this build I received this car as a hand me down and was extremely disappointed with the automatic transmission and plan to swap in a 4age black top from a ae101 or something else please...
  5. Celica Forum
    hi people i am doing a swap on my 5th gen celica and i need some advice doing it. i recently got a blue top 4age from a ae92 corolla. and i have the ECU and wiring loom. main question is how do i wire it all up? and i want to use the ae92 cluster instead of the one in my celica. and just to mske...
  6. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hey im 18 i just got a corolla gts have big plans for this car but due to being a student with a part time job they will happen very slowly, im a big car enthusiast, i live in miami, and i go the the car meets almost every day with a few car buddies, would love to go to any toyota specific meets...
1-6 of 6 Results