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  1. Hardcore Tech and Competition
    hey I have a toyota avensis T22 and I thinking before do a swap put 4age reinforced rods and crank in my 4afe with 4afe piston it will change de compression ratio to mutch an will it be safe to turbo
  2. Avensis Forum
    I own a 2008 avensis 2.0D where the airbag-lamp stays on all the time. Diagnosed the codes and it was the b1806 code(open in p squib). Took out the seat and chekked the wires from airbag to connector and they where fine. Also chekked the wires between the seat-connector and the controllmodule...
  3. Avensis Forum
    Hey I hope I writing in the right place I'm new at the forum, I thinking about to do a swap of a 4age 20v silvertop on my avensis T22 of 98(the stock motor is a 4afe with 81kw) and I want to know if anyone can help me about the wiring like if I have to change the fuse box and this things or if...
  4. Avensis Forum
    Hey, i'm new in this form and i need some help about MANNOL Extra Getriebeoel 8103 GL-4/GL-5 LS is safe for Toyota Avensis 2008 Manual Transmission This Fluid compatible with GL-4 and GL-5 LS which GL-5 LS additive is my concerning in this fluid Is it safe ?
  5. RAV4 3rd Generation (2006-2012)
    Hi guys, so I have a 2AD-FHV engine here (2.2 Diesel D-Cat) from 2006 with 630 000 km's (tha's right) and we have a hard time starting it up in the mornings - or after 5-10 hours staying out in the cold. Imagine weak start like you turn the key in and it cranks 4-6 times reeeeeeeally slow...
  6. Avensis Forum
    Hello, I have a Toyota Avensis 1998 Liftback. I could't find a section for Avensis, so i figured i'd post it here. I can't manage to find the Circuit opening relay, and i was wondering if any of you actually know the location of it. I can't find it together with all my other fuses/relays.
  7. Audio, Video, and Security - Tech
    Avensis 2010 - Km. Göstergesi, Klima, Teyp Işıkları Renk Değişimi Merhabalar, Avensis için yaptığım ışık değişimi
  8. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello guys.:hi: we currently have two toyota's in the family 2004 and 2006 Avensis 2.0 d4d 1cd-ftv engine.:rockon: what model in the US uses the same engine 1cd-ftv. :thanks:
  9. Toyota News
    The Toyota Avensis is the European equivalent of the Camry. It is also the basis for the Scion tC and the now discontinued Lexus HS250h. The Avensis debuted an update at this years' Frankfurt Motor Show and now it has some accessories to set off its new look. While most of the accessories are...
  10. Corolla 7th Generation (1993-1997)
    Hi Corolla/Avensis owners. My 1993 Corolla petrol tank is in need of replacement. AE-101R, 4A-FE injection. I spotted a 2003 Avensis at a breaker and it looked the same shape as Corolla (Sprectra To14A), but I was not quick enough and it was sold. :confused: Filler neck is at rear on LH...
  11. Avensis Forum
    I bought a Toyota Avensis 2005, 2.0 Gasoline. I'm very puzzled about the lack of certain features that the "lesser" toyota corolla 2003 LE has, like cruise control, auto lights on, etc. But i was really puzzled by the lack of arm rest in the center console. Is there an OEM / Aftermarket...
1-11 of 11 Results