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  1. MR2 Forum
    I am currently building a 5efe to handle high boost based off the turbo starlet builds done in the UK and Australia. I am planning out the details of the swap into my 85 mr2 now. I will be using the C50 trans with a C141 bellhousing on it. Biggest obstacle right now is the engine mount on the...
  2. Vehicles
    Ok, it's time to sell my beloved aw11 V6 mr2. It has a L67 (3.8l supercharged V6,) in the back. 280 horsepower, 320 torque. 0-60 is the very low 5s. This cars favorite hobby is beating Porsches onto the freeway, and is my daily driver. For those that are wondering, yes, this is Carl Crawford's...
  3. MR2 Forum
    firstly, no this is NOT the BEAMS engine. secondly, anyone who suggests using a different engine, please close the browser. :) i am set with this engine and will finish this swap... thirdly, its a 1st Gen 3sge from an 88 Celica GTS... i chose this engine on purpose... forthly, anyone who...
1-3 of 3 Results