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  1. Corolla Lounge
    Hi guys have a technical question about the a241e auto box in my caldina So my 1996 caldina 2.0 petrol. The auto decided to give up on me the other day so I whipped it out and headed down to pick a part and pulled out another box from a 1992 corrolla with the same motor and box (according to the...
  2. Caldina Forum
    Curious if anyone knows the st246 steering wheel hub adapter part #, trying to throw on an aftermarket wheel but there’s no info anywhere. Thanks
  3. Caldina Forum
    I just bought a cbaldina 96 ST195. Its been fun working on it. I am trying to get the remote locking working as it is a pain walking round and back when my daughter is in the back to unlock/lock the doors. I read this thread online and it went through a programming sequence which I though I...
  4. Caldina Forum
    can someone please help with a wiring diagram for a GTT Caldina 1997.... 3SGTE st215 model. Im doing an assignment for my mechanics course and have to put a relay into a vehicle. I choose my car and I am changing the what the auto sensing headlights do. Instead of the lights turning on when it...
  5. Vehicles
    Toyota Caldina S/W 2002 in a very good condition is for sale. Details Model : Caldina S/W Year : 2002 Price : Freight On Board Price is $1600 Color : Silver Transmission : AT Fuel & CC : Gasoline 1760 Seats : 5 Owners Used : Only One Owner Used Power Window : Yes Power Steering : Yes...
  6. Caldina Forum
    My key is stuck in the ignition, it turns from ACC to ON and back so I can start it but it won't turn from ACC to LOCK so I can remove the key. Anyone have a quick solution to this problem?
  7. Caldina Forum
    Hello, This post may seem out of place but is the closest Toyota model in the forum to the toyota Caldina 1992 'commercial wagon'. I am looking for suggestions on how (if possible) to add an over drive to the gear box of a Toyota Caldina (commercial station wagon) and give it an engine...
  8. Car Parts for Sale
    Ok guys, I have a Caldina 02 5 speed manual transmission with transfer case, unused by me. Direct from importer, i just didn't use it in my swap because i have a front wheel drive car. It's for sale for $500 USD. Comes with clutch disk, throwout bearing, fork and slave cylinder. Contact me...
1-8 of 8 Results