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  1. 1993 Celica Electrical Problem

    Celica Forum
    I have a Manual 1993 ST184R Celica. I have lost power to the electric windows, A/C, cabin fan, instrument gauges and reverse lights. Is there a relay that works this cluster of problems? Has anybody encountered this problem? Does anyone have a wiring diagram?
  2. Corolla Celica brake retrofit

    Corolla 7th Generation (1993-1997)
    Yesterday after 14 grueling hours of sweat blood and tears I took my 96 DX and added front and rear disk brakes from a 95 Celica GT hatchback along with 5 lug black Prius rims and some REV9 Hyperstreet II coilover shocks. I will impart some things I learned from this that I wasn't able to find...
  3. FS: 1971-81 Celica/Supra Chilton & 20R repair

    Car Parts for Sale
    The Chilton is a hardback. The Toyota 20R Engine Repair Manual is original Toyota piece. The pages in both books are in great shape. I'll take $30 for both, shipped in USA. If outside the US I'll need to check rates. PM me please. Thanks, JD
  4. 2001 Celica doesn't start sometimes. Help me diagnose the issue.

    Celica Forum
    Hi all, my first post here! Car is a 2zzge (or GTS as in the US) manual with 240000kms on the clock. It is hesitant to start sometimes. I think these videos will be helpful for someone to diagnose the problem. Is it a failing starter? or something else...
  5. Just bought my first Toyota

    Introduce Yourself Here
    Picked up an '04 Celica today with 52k miles and a perfect leather interior. Really excited to have found such a low mileage one (but I did pay a little more than I would have liked.)
  6. 77' celica has too high CO readings

    Celica Forum
    I got my car smogged the other day. It failed.. The CO was reading 4.5 when the limit is 1.something. any ideas on how to lower the CO and HC? any ideas will help....
  7. Looking for a Supra owner for a Japanese car magazine

    Supra Forum
    Hello, I'm looking for Supra owner for Toyota fun club magazine in Japan to interview about your Supra experience. We are still in a planning stage but if you're interested in the project please contact me. This is a project interviewing Supra owner in Germany, Japan and USA. Thank you! N.
  8. Celica turns off while driving

    Celica Forum
    Hi all, about a month ago i bought my first car, a Celica T20. It drove very well and i was quite happy with it. But i ran into a problem yesterday. after I had driven 40 km on the highway, I took the exit and came to a traffic light. so i pressed the clutch so i could let the car role towards...
  9. FS: Parts for Gen 1/1.5 Matrix

    Car Parts for Sale
    FS: Parts for Gen 1/1.5 Matrix updated Final Price Drop!! Need these items GONE! It's time to sell the parts from my 03 Matrix. Ever since it was written of last December, I haven't had a chance to post a For Sale thread, but I've procrastinated enough. Here's a list of parts. If I...
  10. FS: 1991 TOYOTA CELICA GT White, Sunroof $1200

    Kaz EMAIL:[email protected] North Brunswick, NJ, USA Payment: Cash 1991 TOYOTA CELICA GT PRICE: $1200 DESCRIPTION White Sun Roof, Pw windows, Ac etc.. New: Timing Belt, Idler, Cam seal, Oil Pump seal and gasket, Valve cover Gasket, Front axles and bearings, plugs, wires, Cap/rotor,vacuum...
  11. Purchase high mileage Celica

    Celica Forum
    Hey all, I am a happy tundra owner for a long time. Now looking for a summer car to drive on weekends. I ran into a 1984 celica GTS that I am going to look at this weekend. Looks like it is in prime shape in the pictures interior and exterior look like is has 50,000 miles on it. no...
  12. buying the first car

    Celica Forum
    Hi guys, i think to buy my first car and i think to buy toyota celica. In one web site i find this car (if the web site is not accessible i place the picture), but of the some picture i see the car is crashed...
  13. E110 C60 Swap

    Corolla 8th Generation (1998-2002)
    Hey guys, got an E110 about 6 months ago. Got all the parts for the C60 swap besides CV Joints, I'm using the factory 1ZZ. I found some that are nearly identical to the Corolla's length with the correct spline counts for the C60. Now I also found some that are nearly indentical to the Celica...
  14. 91-93 MR2 3SGTE swapped into a 87 ST162 Celica

    General Discussion
    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm wondering how difficult a 3SGTE swap from a 1991-1993 MR2 would be to a 1987 Celica FWD. Reason I'm thinking of this because it's hard to find a gearbox in good shape to put into my car, and I've went through 2 gearboxes within a year. The...
  15. Blown Head Gasket

    Celica Forum
    So I have a 89 Celica ST with a blown head gasket. I don't have to much money invested into the car at this point but I don't have a very big budget to work with either. What I'm trying to decide is whether I should get a repair kit and fix the head gasket (never done before) or try to find a...
  16. 2002 Silver Celica GT Part Out

    Car Parts for Sale
    Parting out my GT. Bone stock. Engine is dead, has fatal valve train problems and oil burning issue. Manual transmission is in great shape and oe clutch has only 2k miles on it. Bottom part of the front bumper has been poorly resprayed. Right rear quarter is dented. Power windows, ac, no action...
  17. Celica Airconditioner problem

    Celica Forum
    Hi, A quick question to everyone. Is it normal that the airconditioner compressor engages and disengages every 10-15 seconds when the car is idling ? This is what is happening to my Celica T23, and i dont know if this is normal? Outside temperature is between 20-25 degrees Celcius. I did some...
  18. want to buy '82-85 celica fast back auto

    Celica Forum
    so my son wants an '82-'85 fast back automatic. engine type and driveline doesn't matter as long as it's in good working order. WE are in the SF bay area. anyone selling?
  19. afm 16v

    Celica Forum
    i accidentally broke the little circuit board inside the afm of my celica gt 4 1989, first i looked if there was a clip thing, there was none so i unscrewed it and now the metal connections came off that board.. reason for this is, i literally just brought the car took it home and was trying to...
  20. trouble accelerating

    Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    hi i have a 2.2 engine five speed, its actually a celica but i figured i would have more luck on this forum, my car accelerates very poorly and i'm running out of ideas as to why it is. i have changed spark plugs wires distributor and reset the timing, since the car was low on power and running...