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  1. HELP? Passenger side doesn't heat on 2008 Camry XLE, V6, Dual Air Control,

    Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Looking for some help here, and apologies ahead of time for the long post. I have a 2008 Camry XLE (v6 version), with dual air controls for both the driver and passenger sides. The driver’s side works well for both cold and hot air, and all vent positions, but the passenger side only blows...
  2. Cold Air intake??????????

    Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Well i heard about the whole case about cold air intakes. It works/it doesnt work. However ill side that cold air intakes work so now my question is; I live in canada, where can i get my hands on a cold air intake for a 2004 camry 3.0L v6? It can be aftermarket or branded.
  3. Bad thermostat or bigger problems? AE 92 rolla

    Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    Hi guys, New to this forum, need advise on a Toyota corolla 1988 gl sedan. I have had very low temp readings (from the dashboard) every since i got this car 3 years ago. I replaced the thermostat 2 years ago as part of a automotive class. At the time the new thermostat from memory was quite...
  4. any way to defeat the 2000rpm cold startup idle?

    Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    That is one crazy high idle toyota has on this engine when cold. I've read it is to enhance emissions and mpg by heating up engine and emission parts but wow, that is a crazy "by design". Maybe when a car is relatively new and the motor mounts are in good shape and the cabin noise isolation is...
  5. Cold engine light = sluggish upshift. Help?

    Scion xA Forum
    Hi, I just bought a used (one owner) 2004 xA automatic, and it has a weird quirk I've never experienced with any other car. When I turn the car on, of course all the dash lights turn on momentarily and then shut off again. However, the light that would turn red to signify an overheated engine...
  6. Something wrong with my clutch?

    Corolla 10th Gen/2nd Gen Matrix (2009-2013)
    Ok, so the other night after hanging out with a few friends they dropped me off at my work parking lot and it was about 7 degrees fahrenheit and I started my car and it took a few seconds longer to start then normal but I kind of expected that as it was pretty cold. Then after letting the engine...
  7. Enging not warming up

    Tercel, Paseo, Starlet, and Sera Forum
    My engine is not warming up to the correct temperature. The gauge is indicating less than a 1/4 out on the highway, but if I let it idle, it will warm up to temp and the fan will kick on. I have replaced my thermostat and nothing has changed. I recently replaced my radiator because it has a...
  8. 1996 Avalon 1MZ-FE Block Heater Install

    Avalon 1st Generation (1995-1999)
    This is my attempt at installing a block heater into a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS with the 1MZ-FE V6 motor. I purchased the part from ebay, listed with part number "CO140-00644 US" for like $30, New in box. Toyota of Canada OEM. You must remove the front frost plug, which is just a flanged...
  9. Cold Start Problems on a 1997 7A-FE 1.8 5 speed DX (Video) (North America)

    Corolla 7th Generation (1993-1997)
    I am having trouble with my vehicle idling too low on cold starts. Usually my cars will idle high first in the cold and then drop RPM, but this does the opposite. Any advice welcome. I live in Michigan. The temperature at the time of this video was 34 degrees F. The check engine light is on; OBD...
  10. 1996 Camry 5SFE: Cold rough idle, OK when warmed up

    Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    Hey Everyone, I am hoping somebody might help me with an issue I am having. Car: 1996 Toyota Camry, 4 cyl. 5SFE, Automatic, 191,000 miles Problem Description: When the engine is cold, the engine cranks and starts, but it idles at around 400-500 rpm (moving back and forth a little) and the car...
  11. Rough at Start, Manuals, and Gas Mileage Questions

    89-95 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    Hi Everyone, I just bought a 1990 Pickup 22R 4 speed manual (carb.) and have a couple questions. I have replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, and fuel filter on the truck so far and thrown some sea foam in the crank and gas tank. With that said, here's my questions: 1. When my...
  12. Alternator does not charge when...cold?

    89-95 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    Hello all. I'm new to the forum and relatively new to Toyota. I bought my 95 22RE in the fall. I drove it home with a bad alternator and got a new one from my local independent parts store. It works great, good voltage and no indicator light on the dash. However, once it gets cold, like below 25...
  13. 2.7 tacoma won't shift when cold

    Tacoma 2nd Generation (2005-2015)
    I bought my 2006 2WD 2.7 5 speed manual Tacoma new in June of 2006. For the past 3 winters I have had difficulties shifting while the truck was cold for the first 10 km of my trips. In North Western Ontario in winter that is about as far as I usually travel. At the beginning of the...
  14. Heating problems

    General Discussion
    Hy all, I have a heating problem that I need to solve. When starting my Carina E in cold weather it takes to long for the heater to kick in and warm the inside of the car and or defrost windows. It almost takes up to 10-15 min. to get a bit warm. When I have driven about 3-5 km the car...
  15. URC TCAI and URD MAF

    Truck/SUV/van parts for sale
    URD cold air intake and MAF calibrator for a 4.0L 2005+ Tacoma. Installed it for a year and then sold the truck. I have all the instructions and the program for your computer to calibrate the MAF. I would prefer to sell them together but might be willing to sell them separate. $350 obo plus...
  16. 1998 Caldina GT-T Custom Cold Air Intake (CAI) Install *PICS*

    Caldina Forum
    A few weeks ago I made and installed a custom cold air intake for my brother's 1998 Caldina GT-T. It made a noticeable difference in performance and now makes an awesome fluttering noise when easing off the throttle. I'd recommend it to everyone with a 3S-GTE engine. He originally had a K&N...