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  1. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Hello there so I did the mistake that I pressed the epb switch while installing the brake pads and now in the dashboard appears a parking brake malfunction, my question is how I can get into service mode again or my car still on service mode?
  2. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Hello so yesterday I decided to replace the rear brakes on my corolla 2020 I didnt know about the emergency parking brake and I was wondering why I couldnt open the caliper and I saw a video on YouTube and I was able to put my car on service mode but for my susprise while installing the new pads...
  3. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Success! - Wireless AA / Carplay / Android 9 OS - Managed to get up and running in Corolla LE 2020 Quite impressive. It does way more than I ever thought it would. Way more than TOYOTA would or even could offer. Use your imagination and yes it works. Videos/TV/Web/Apps - No Limits. Though yes...
  4. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Hey all, I just bought a 2020 Corolla and I noticed that whenever I put the car in park, the electric parking brake (EPB) automatically engages. As an automotive engineer, I know stuff gets tested thoroughly before being released, but—also as an automotive engineer—I know sometimes consumers...
1-4 of 4 Results