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  1. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    For my 2020 Toyota Corolla, this issue didn't exist for the last 2.5 years of use. Since last few months, I am seeing this message flashing up quickly and then disappear on the display during vehicle start up. The message shows as "EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) Shift Interlock Function...
  2. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Hi All, First post here so, please be gentle. Working on my wife’s 2019 Corolla Hatchback XSE (6-Speed manual) today. Simple rear brake job - or so I thought. Most of my cars have been older, so I’ll admit complete ignorance of the workings of the electronic parking brake until I actually saw...
  3. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Hello there so I did the mistake that I pressed the epb switch while installing the brake pads and now in the dashboard appears a parking brake malfunction, my question is how I can get into service mode again or my car still on service mode?
  4. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Hello so yesterday I decided to replace the rear brakes on my corolla 2020 I didnt know about the emergency parking brake and I was wondering why I couldnt open the caliper and I saw a video on YouTube and I was able to put my car on service mode but for my susprise while installing the new pads...
  5. Corolla 12th Gen (Hatch 2019+/Sedan 2020+)
    Hey all, I just bought a 2020 Corolla and I noticed that whenever I put the car in park, the electric parking brake (EPB) automatically engages. As an automotive engineer, I know stuff gets tested thoroughly before being released, but—also as an automotive engineer—I know sometimes consumers...
1-5 of 5 Results